Naginder Jabbal

Transportation Division Manager, Calgary, BC 
Since graduation, I have always worked for large consulting firms ranging from 5,000 to 25,000 employees. Joining McElhanney in January 2011 was a great decision as it allowed me to see how mid-sized firms operate. What I quickly realized was that I could still work on the large projects, but can now also bid on smaller projects, which the larger firms typically don't go for. This approach has enabled me to work on a significantly diverse range of projects, thus solidifying my career’s spectrum.

No day is truly the same at McElhanney (other than the tea I have!). My role allows me to participate in everything from start to finish; from bringing work into the office through to business development, proposal production, to successfully delivering the work to the client’s satisfaction and then shaking his or her hand when the next project is awarded to us. This varied exposure provides for an interesting and challenging working environment.