Design Scenarios for Old Daycare Lands Design Scenarios for Old Daycare Lands, Canmore, ABTown of CanmoreCanmore, ABSeptember 2014 - February 2015

McElhanney Consulting along with MVH Urban Planning & Design were awarded a contract to develop scenarios for market and affordable housing on a five (5) acre park site in response to the Town of Canmore’s acute need for affordable housing and added revenue for long-term flood mitigation.

The project team employed a collaborative approach towards developing scenarios with an overall community net gain, receiving input and working with a diverse group of stakeholders throughout the process. The project team established a robust and fully inclusive Final Design Scenario Option A community engagement program that focused on bridging the needs of the local community with the overall needs of the Town.

Ultimately, two (2) alternative design scenarios were developed based on the feedback received through all stages of the project. Both alternatives included pro forma analysis of the servicing costs, park improvements, and projected municipal revenue generation. The completed design brief is being used to support Council’s decision on whether or not to proceed with redevelopment of the Old Daycare site.

*Update: Following a Public Hearing, Council unanimously endorsed a motion to use 50 percent of the site for affordable housing.