Town of Chestermere East Acreages Area Structure Plan East Acreages Area Structure Plan, Chestermere, ABTown of ChestermereChestermere, Alberta2013 - ongoing

McElhanney, in partnership with award-winning firm MVH Urban Planning & Design, was retained by the Town of Chestermere to develop and oversee the creation of an area structure plan for a 342 acre area involving 65 parcels of land along the Town’s eastern boundary.

McElhanney and MVH Urban Planning and Design led 3-day interactive design workshop to engage existing landowners in the future planning of the area. McElhanney managed all sub-consultants to ensure all existing conditions are thoroughly assessed prior to the development of a land use concept plan.

McElhanney and MVH Urban Planning and Design are developing a ground-breaking approach to planning for future development of acreage areas using policies and design focused on incremental development.

Some of the challenges include: