Municipal Infrastructure & Land Development

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McElhanney provides a diverse range of specialist municipal engineering services to both the public and private sectors. Supported by our Community Planning, Landscape Architecture, Surveying, Mapping, Geotechnical and Environmental teams we are able to offer an integrated approach to community infrastructure projects.

Featured Solutions

  • Municipal Roads

    McElhanney has extensive experience in planning, design and construction of municipal transportation projects. Components include functional designs and studies for long term planning and capital spending, as well as the design and construction of road widening and intersection improvements for increased capacity and safety requirements. We work with stakeholder groups to minimize property and other impacts as well as project costs.

  • Residential Land

    McElhanney specializes in value-added land development services, including community planning, public processes, subdivision design, development feasibility assessments, transportation planning and analysis, infrastructure planning and studies and functional and detailed design of municipal infrastructure, including roads, sanitary sewer, water, drainage and utilities.

  • Commercial & Industrial Site Development

    McElhanney provides design and construction services for commercial and industrial site development projects. Working with coordinating professionals, we are involved with preparation of design development, construction documents, building permit documents for site drainage and grading, servicing for water, sanitary and storm connections, and off-site improvements. We also conduct construction field reviews for letter of assurance approvals.

  • Sanitary Sewer Systems

    McElhanney has proven experience in planning, design and construction of municipal sanitary sewer projects. Elements include pipe network analysis, modeling of community and neighbourhood scale sanitary collection systems, as well as the design and construction of collection, interceptor and trunk sewers and pump stations.

  • Water Systems

    McElhanney has established expertise in planning, design and construction of municipal water system projects. Solutions include network analysis and modeling of community and neighbourhood-scale water systems, as well as the design and construction of distribution, feeder and transmission mains.

  • Storm Water Management

    McElhanney develops storm water management plans in support of municipal infrastructure and land development projects. This includes master drainage plans, storm water control, detention design, watershed management and the design of detention facilities and trunk sewers.

Other Market Sectors

Buildings & Warehouses
Stadiums & Recreational Facilities
Water Supply & Storage Facilities
Solid Waste Treatment Facilities

Parking Facilities


Other Services Offered

Project Management
Utility Infrastructure and Servicing Studies
Water Supply
Water and Wastewater Treatment
Lift Stations
Water Storage and Distribution
Sanitary Sewage Collection
Storm Water Control and Detention
Master Drainage Plans
Watershed Management
Community and Land Use Planning
Landscape Architecture and Urban Design

Road and Street Design
Traffic Management
Parking Studies
Residential, Commercial and Industrial
Site Development
Brownfield Redevelopment
Downtown Revitalization and Community Enhancement
Construction Management

Resource Industries

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McElhanney offers specialized consulting services across the resource industry sector. Whether your industry is mining, oil & gas, renewable energy or forestry, we offer services that expedite selection and development of sites, product distribution and decommissioning and reclamation. Our multi-disciplinary approach to resource development incorporates a broad set of technical skills to provide proven solutions for our clients.

Featured Solutions

  • Mine & Tailings

    Mine & Tailings

    McElhanney’s specialized services for mine waste management are based on planning with a mindset of "designing for closure". This leads to expedited regulatory approvals, proactive planning and end-of-life cost savings. Key solutions include site selection, operational planning, water management and geotechnical designs for safely containing mine waste.

  • Pipelines & Wellsites

    Pipelines & Wellsites

    We are a recognized leader in western Canada providing survey services to pipeline and well site development in the Oil & Gas Industry. We provide engineering infrastructure as well as environmental assessment, permitting, monitoring. Our survey services are comprehensive including: topographic, layout, legal and permitting. Other support services include LiDAR, orthophotography and mapping.

  • Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas

    Our company has a long tradition of applying our first class services to key roles in Oil & Gas development, including environmental permitting and monitoring; road, bridge, and camp engineering; mapping (LiDAR, orthophotography) and topographic, layout and legal survey. Our skilled and experienced professionals are well equipped and strategically located throughout western Canada.

  • Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy

    McElhanney has an established reputation for effectively using our first rate knowledge to bring innovative solutions to the Renewable Energy Industry including mapping (LiDAR, orthophotography); surveying (topographic, layout, legal); engineering (roads, bridges, camps) and environmental (permitting, monitoring). Innovations include solving transportation challenges associated with 90m long wind turbine blades.

  • Transmission Lines

    Transmission Lines

    Our reputation is renowned in western Canada for applying our core expertise to transmission line projects for key clients such as BC Hydro, Fortis, Valard and Alltech. Our main services include orthophotography and LiDAR mapping and topographic, layout and legal surveys; engineering access roads, bridges, camps and environmental permitting and monitoring.

Other Services Offered

Tailings Facility Water Balance
Hydrological Monitoring
Hydraulic Control Structure Design 
Flood Modeling
Environmental Assessment
Sediment Control

Slope Stability
Tender Package Preparation
Construction Management
and QA/QC
Inspection and Rehabilitation Design
Mine Closure and Reclamation


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McElhanney offers transit planning determining functional requirements, engineering and post operational reviews of rapid bus, light rail, express/frequent/local transit, transit exchanges, commuter rail, elevated and tunneled transit infrastructure, kiss & ride, park & ride, Bus/HOV lanes, queue jump lanes, Transit Signal Priority (TSP) and maintenance facilities.

Featured Solutions

  • Transit Exchange and Park and Ride

    Transit Exchange and Park and Ride

    Designed to integrate into the fabric of the surrounding land uses, using TOD principles that encourage a sustainable multi-modal environment.

  • Light Rapid Transit

    Light Rapid Transit

    At grade, elevated and tunneling transit including functional planning, business case analysis, stakeholder engagement, permitting, functional design, detailed design and operational assessment.


  • Maintenance Facilities

    Maintenance Facilities

    Full service master planning, functional require­ments of the location, size and operations of all elements such as the number of maintenance bays, parking, storage, cash drop-off, employee area and bus wash. Civil related engineering is also used to create site plans, grading, storm water and environmental aspects.

Other Market Sectors

BC Ferries
BC Transit
Cities of Edmonton & Calgary


Other Services Offered

Transit Signal Priority
Maintenance Facilities
Bus Loops
Park and Ride, Kiss and Ride
Neighborhood Planning
Zoning and Development Bylaws
Alternative Propulsion Systems:
Hydrogen, Electric, CNG, etc.
Traffic Engineering
Route Selection
Property Acquisition

Utilities Relocation
Environmental & CEA Permitting
HOV and Queue Jump Lanes
Bus Freeway Ramps
Off Peak Parking Priority
Design Build
Bus Rapid Transit
TOD Guidelines


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McElhanney offers a full range of engineering design for paths, roads and highways. We provide, at the basic level, individual accesses, parking, trails and intersections, progressing to more complex designs which includes arterial roads, grade separations, highways and interchanges.

Featured Solutions

  • Highways

    Our plans are designed to TAC and local jurisdictional standards with full 3D modeling and machine control outputs, roadside safety design and integration/optimization of structural alignments.

  • Bridges & Overpasses

    McElhanney has an extensive team of experienced structural engineers to complement our transportation group. We produce safe, innovative and efficient designs that are optimized to be cost effective, easily constructable, and aesthetically pleasing. Our clients include Provincial Ministries of Transportation, Municipalities, Constructors, private developers and industrial corporations.

  • Ports, Terminals & Marinas

    McElhanney provides full transportation planning and engineering services for ferry terminal and harbour infrastructure. This includes master planning, business case assessment, functional design, project definition, detailed design, construction management and condition/operational assessment of facilities.

  • Resource Roads & Trails

    McElhanney can offer conceptual, preliminary, and detailed designs while accounting for stringent environment, Federal, provincial, and First Nations conditions. Services include route planning, road field reconnaissance, field survey, crossing structures, timber assessment, marine structures, construction camp servicing, regulatory permitting, land tenure agreements and construction inspection and engineering.

  • Traffic Engineering & Management

    McElhanney offers traffic impact studies, neighbourhood plans, traffic simulation and modeling, multiple accounts analysis, benefit cost studies, traffic signal timing and freeway analysis and optimization. We also provide detours and traffic management with full drawing packages complying with permitting and improved safety, and including multiple stages adaptable to construction variables.

  • Design Build Services

    Since the late 1980’s McElhanney has successfully competed in the Design Build Industry. We collaborate with leading civil contractors to provide innovation in design
    and certainty of cost, quality, and schedule.
    Our project history includes a broad range
    of clients and projects ranging from utility installations to multi-billion dollar
    infrastructure projects.

Other Market Sectors




Other Services Offered

Active Transportation (Cycle Networks,
Multi-Use Paths)
Parking Plans and Management
Preliminary and Detail Design
Traffic Data Collection and Analysis
Construction Supervision and Inspection
Airport Runways, Taxi-ways and Aprons
Sound Walls
Regulatory and Warning Signage
Guide Signing
Safety Audits
Base Mapping
Video Simulation
Urban Streetscaping (Complete Streets)

Park Trails
Animal Crossings
Public Consultation Materials
Construction Management
Resource Roads
Mining Access
Industrial Plant Civil Grading
Materials Testing
Structural Bridge Engineering
Foundations and Retaining Walls
Roundabout Engineering


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The McElhanney bridge group (formerly Infinity Engineering) provides bridge engineering services locally and worldwide in design-build, P3, and traditional bid-build environments. We have expertise in engineering bridges of all types and sizes, including long-span high technology bridges with a focus on reducing construction cost and/or construction duration. Our core strength is in engineering practical solutions based on advantageous construction methodologies that best address site specific issues and constraints. With equal experience in both design and erection engineering, our concepts are developed around practical means and methods of construction from the beginning, resulting in fully integrated solutions that are specifically tailored to the situation. Our bridge-focused offices are located in Canada (Vancouver and Victoria) and USA (Tampa).

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Featured Solutions

Featured Staff

  • Raj Singh, PEng, PE — Market Sector Lead, Bridges

    Raj Singh, PEng, PE — Market Sector Lead, Bridges

    Raj manages the bridge engineering division at McElhanney. Since 2001, Raj has also built a reputation for successfully managing bridge projects from inception to completion, and has delivered projects totaling over $1B in capital value. He has experience in a wide variety of bridge structures including multi-span girder bridges and long-span, cable-supported bridges on design-build/P3 projects. Raj has a proven track record of delivering cost-effective practical solutions within tight timelines and budget constraints, and is regularly praised by his clients for his high level of responsiveness and excellent communications.

  • David Jeakle, PE, PEng — Bridge Practice Lead, Long-Span Bridges

    David Jeakle, PE, PEng — Bridge Practice Lead, Long-Span Bridges

    David is a nationally-recognised expert with experience in the planning, design development, erection engineering, and construction phase services for long-span river crossings and other high technology bridges. He has provided design management and technical leadership since 1992 as the engineer of record on several large-scale transportation projects involving long-span/cable supported, segmental bridges and multi-level interchanges. His construction engineering experience includes cable-supported, balanced cantilever erection, incremental launching, and heavy lifting. David is a voting member of the PTI Cable Stayed Bridge Committee and also an active member of ASBI.

  • Ken Rebel, PEng — Bridge Practice Lead, Short to Medium Span Bridges

    Ken Rebel, PEng — Bridge Practice Lead, Short to Medium Span Bridges

    Since 1985, Ken Rebel has been offering bridge design and construction services, including major highway bridge structures, the assessment and rehabilitation of existing highway bridges, and significant interchange projects. His experience also includes the preliminary design and detailed design of transportation design-build and P3 projects. An experienced Project Manager, he has managed and led the design and construction of several major transportation projects throughout Western Canada. Ken is recognized and respected for his reliability and expertise by both the BC and Alberta transportation ministries.

  • John Philp, PEng, CEng, MICE — Technical Lead

    John Philp, PEng, CEng, MICE — Technical Lead

    John has over 20 years of experience in design and construction of highway and railway bridges. John’s experience includes temporary and permanent works design and erection engineering on projects of up to $2B in capital value. He has participated as a construction and site engineer on four suspension bridges, including the Tsing Ma Bridge in China, and the Lionsgate Bridge in Vancouver. John’s experience also includes general transportation infrastructure such as expanded polystyrene lightweight fill embankments, retaining walls, and seismic design, assessment, and highway structure retrofits.



Bridge Services Offered

Detailed Design 
Cable supported
Arch & truss
Steel & concrete girder

Construction engineering
Incremental launching
Bridge slides
Precast & CIP segmental
Steel plate & box girder erection
Cable stayed & extradosed bridges
Crane lift plans
Heavy lifts

Temporary works
Falsework & shoring
Access platforms
Temporary bracing

Load evalations

Value engineering

Independent checking

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Structural Engineering

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McElhanney offers a very diverse range of Structural Engineering services across many business sectors and from multiple branch locations across Western Canada. We lead and support new infrastructure projects from the planning and conceptual stage to the end of construction, and also support Owners with their existing infrastructure needs. We pride ourselves on solving non-routine and challenging assignments, and in delivering thoughtful, innovative, and cost effective solutions to meet
your needs.

Featured Solutions

  • Transportation – Bridges, Culverts, Walls & Signs

    McElhanney delivers a broad suite of services including planning studies, preliminary, conceptual and detailed design, sophisticated modeling and analysis, renewal/replacement options studies, structural evaluations, seismic retrofits, condition and damage assessments, construction supervision, in-plant quality assurance and erection engineering. 

  • Resource Roads, Trail Bridges & Culverts

    McElhanney offers planning and layout design for standard bridges and culverts, detailed design for custom and remote specialty structures, inspections and evaluations of existing structures and in-plant quality assurance inspections. We also deliver associated services including geotechnical, hydrotechnical, environmental, road design and construction supervision and inspection.

  • Marine & Hydro Structures

    Assessments and structural engineering services are provided for new and existing infrastructure for ferry terminals, wharves, floats, ramps, bridges, dolphins, docks and sheet-pile walls. These services are also provided for hydro project structures such as powerhouse foundations and custom buildings, penstock supports and water
    intake structures.

  • Heavy Industrial

    As well as heavy industrial facility design, we provide a diverse range of services for industrial applications including design of lifting and rigging equipment (steel, aluminum and titanium), fall protection structures, crane supports, monorails, and below-the-hook devices. We also prepare and certify heavy and tandem crane lift plans.

  • Buildings

    McElhanney provides designs for all sizes of industrial and commercial buildings. Experienced in wood, concrete and steel design, we also specialize in heavy timber post and beam or truss design for commercial or high-end residential projects.

  • Ski Lift Engineering

    Our professionals provide structural and mechanical engineering services to the recreational ski industry related to both new and existing infrastructure.

Other Market Sectors

Highway Transportation
Municipal and City Transportation
Land Development Structures
Hydro and Run-of-River Structures
Resource Road Structures

Recreational Trail Bridges
Liht and Heavy Industrial
Mining and Energy
Community Centers and Arenas
Ski Hill Infrastructure


Other Services Offered

River Hydraulic and Hydrotechnical
Seismic Engineering
Building Movement and
Condition Monitoring
Project Management
Owner's Engineer Services
Welded Structures

Cranes and Erection Schemes
Innovative Structures and
Advanced Composite Materials
Retained Earth Structures
Buried Structures
Damage Assessment
Structural Engineering for Water
and Waste Water Systems

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