Environmental Sustainability

McElhanney Green Direction

The McElhanney Green Direction reflects the corporate belief that the Social, Economic, and Environmental aspects of Sustainability should be considered as part of McElhanney's operations and actions. Our Commitment to Sustainability covers several key areas of importance:

  • Services to our customers and clients;
  • The communities in which McElhanney Staff live and work; and
  • The environment in which our Employees work.
    • Defining Sustainability

      "Sustainability is a way of looking at things and doing business while considering the three elements of a thriving and healthy community - economic vitality, a healthy natural environment, and social well-being. Being a Sustainable Company means ensuring that the choices made by McElhanney are not only economically responsible, but also environmentally and socially responsible."

      Policies and Directions

      The following Policies provide the foundation upon which McElhanney's Green Direction is based:
      1. Office Waste Reduction and Recycling Policy;
      2. Office Energy Efficiency Policy;
      3. Office Location Policy;
      4. Efficient Vehicle Purchasing Policy;
      5. Responsible Purchasing Policy; and
      6. Corporate Citizenship Policy.

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