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Moving Your Career Forward

It’s a tradition at McElhanney for people to move up into more advanced and senior management positions at the company. Several of our Presidents and many of our senior managers began their professional careers at McElhanney.

We fully support ongoing professional development opportunities to help move your career forward. We want to know what you’re interested in and hear your ideas for the development of new innovations and ways of achieving success. Our reputation for innovation and quality service also makes it imperative that the technical knowledge and skill of our employees is continuously updated.

Training, seminars, and workshops for building your expertise are highly encouraged, and a mentoring program, in-house learning opportunities, conferences and lunch-and-learn sessions are provided for all levels of staff.

For our more senior employees, we place an emphasis on building managers with the leadership and project management skills to effectively engage clients and motivate staff.

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Safety Training

We believe that all new employees should be provided with the necessary tools to complete their jobs safely and effectively in a stable and supportive environment.

McElhanney is committed to a proactive and systematic approach to safety that ensures that all employees feel responsible for health and safety and that they are empowered to make continuous improvements to our health and safety practices.

All employees receive safety training that is tailored to their specific job and worksite. Training courses can include: WHMIS, First Aid & CPR, H2S Alive, ATV Operator, Ground Disturbance, Petroleum Safety Training, and Wilderness Safety.

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McElhanney is well-known and respected throughout the industry for the integrity and quality of our work. We celebrate teamwork and collaboration, where every member of our team is important and valued.

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