Munson McKinney

Vice President – Business Technology Services, Vancouver, BC 
A year after graduating, I was working for a company called Kenting Earth Sciences and our team joined McElhanney in 1980. In my way of thinking, McElhanney has therefore been my “work” family for over 35 years. And what a ride I’ve had!

I started out as on Offshore Surveyor, spending several months of the year on a wide variety of vessels at exotic locations worldwide. Working offshore with primitive computers and navigational technology at the time meant we had to be resourceful, and learning how to program became necessary to get the things done. In 1985, I applied what I had learned in bathymetry to photogrammetry and began working in our Mapping department as a programmer, and eventually became Branch Manager in 1987. One thing leading to another has continued to be my modus-operandi at McElhanney, as it has been for many that work here. In the 1990s I continued to manage Mapping and in the early 2000s I shifted focus on solely Computer Services, as technology was seeing explosive growth in our workplace.

To say that I am enjoying my career McElhanney is an understatement! I have worked and am working with many wonderful people that share an undeniable passion to deliver great projects to our clients by using their ingenuity and can-do attitudes. It just doesn’t get much better than this!