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Oil & Gas

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We are a quality oriented service provider of surveying and mapping to the resource sector in western Canada. Over the years we have worked closely with the oil and gas industry to develop an outstanding reputation for excellence.

Featured Solutions

  • Wellsites and Facilities

    Wellsites and Facilities

    Planning, layout and drafting of wellsite and facility locations including access and topographical information in strict compliance with industry, regulatory, and environmental regulations.

  • GeoWorks


    Online mapping tool used for planning. GeoWorks gives users access to well sites, pipeline and facility drawings, license information, land standing reports, pipeline reports, high-resolution air photos and contours, government and industry information.Click here to learn more about GeoWorks.

  • Pipelines


    Pre-construction layout and post construction legal surveys. Planning and layout: construction plans, Individual Ownership Plans (IOP), crossing drawings, post construction/as built surveys and plan submissions to provincial and federal regulators.

Other Services Offered

Wellsite, Pipeline and Facilities Including
Access Legal Surveys for Right-of-Way
Legal Surveys For Right of Way
Construction Plans for Facilities and Plants
Survey Control and Quality Management
Compiled Mapping
Individual Ownership plans (IOP)
Crossing and profile drawings
Line Locating
Pre-Planning and Risk Mitigation

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McElhanney is well-known and respected throughout the industry for the integrity and quality of our work. We celebrate teamwork and collaboration, where every member of our team is important and valued.

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