People at McElhanney

People at McElhanney

Get to know some of the people you might be working with if you join us at McElhanney.

  • Lucas Cairns

    Lucas Cairns

    Assistant Branch Manager, Grande Prairie
    I did a summer work term with McElhanney in Lloydminster, AB, and realized that surveying is what I wanted to do and that McElhanney had lots of room for new faces. They offered competitive summer wages and seemed to be the employer of choice.

  • Jeff Thompson

    Jeff Thompson

    Land Surveyor, Oil Sands, AB
    I learned about McElhanney at an information session that was put on at the University of Calgary. Everyone I met enjoyed their work and had a very down-to-earth approach to it. Having the chance to talk to people like that and see what their culture was like helped me decide that McElhanney was where I wanted to start a career, and I joined the company in May 2005.

  • Patty Burt

    Patty Burt

    Environmental Division Manager, Surrey, BC
    I had the good fortune to meet and work with a McElhanney branch manager in Grande Prairie, Alberta in a previous job. In early 2003, I'd relocated from Nova Scotia and was working for an environmental firm that specialized in fisheries work in the oil patch (no really, there are fish in Alberta!). We were working for the same clients on some projects, which allowed us to develop a professional relationship as well as a friendship. He always spoke glowingly of McElhanney, so when it came time for me to move on from northern Alberta, I was very pleased to land a job with McElhanney in Terrace, BC. And I can truly say that it was a great move for me! Recently I made the transition to manage the environmental division in Surrey. I take pride in working for a company like McElhanney that provides a supportive environment for staff to learn and grow.

  • Munson McKinney

    Munson McKinney

    Vice President – Business Technology Services, Vancouver, BC 
    A year after graduating, I was working for a company called Kenting Earth Sciences and our team joined McElhanney in 1980. In my way of thinking, McElhanney has therefore been my “work” family for over 35 years. And what a ride I’ve had!

    I started out as on Offshore Surveyor, spending several months of the year on a wide variety of vessels at exotic locations worldwide. Working offshore with primitive computers and navigational technology at the time meant we had to be resourceful, and learning how to program became necessary to get the things done. In 1985, I applied what I had learned in bathymetry to photogrammetry and began working in our Mapping department as a programmer, and eventually became Branch Manager in 1987. One thing leading to another has continued to be my modus-operandi at McElhanney, as it has been for many that work here. In the 1990s I continued to manage Mapping and in the early 2000s I shifted focus on solely Computer Services, as technology was seeing explosive growth in our workplace.

    To say that I am enjoying my career McElhanney is an understatement! I have worked and am working with many wonderful people that share an undeniable passion to deliver great projects to our clients by using their ingenuity and can-do attitudes. It just doesn’t get much better than this!

  • Tricia Schwarz

    Tricia Schwarz

    Senior Branch Administrator, Kamloops, BC 
    I started working for Civic Engineering Services Ltd. in 1989 providing secretarial and accounting duties using some of the earliest models of micro-computers ever invented. I’ve since obtained my Administrator Certificate, but much of my growth has come from learning on the job; from drafting to project management to engineering assistance. Having the freedom to continue learning makes my job a part of my life that I really love. My work has also allowed me to get to know many great people in the engineering, contracting, and development communities in Kamloops and surrounding areas.

    We joined McElhanney in 2007, and I have the privilege of being part of a team that provides exceptional service to our clients. My goal is to cheerfully continue this legacy until I retire (far in the future!). I really enjoy working with all the people at McElhanney and am proud to have a great support network in my own branch and with my colleagues across the company. 

  • Naginder Jabbal

    Naginder Jabbal

    Transportation Division Manager, Calgary, BC 
    Since graduation, I have always worked for large consulting firms ranging from 5,000 to 25,000 employees. Joining McElhanney in January 2011 was a great decision as it allowed me to see how mid-sized firms operate. What I quickly realized was that I could still work on the large projects, but can now also bid on smaller projects, which the larger firms typically don't go for. This approach has enabled me to work on a significantly diverse range of projects, thus solidifying my career’s spectrum.

    No day is truly the same at McElhanney (other than the tea I have!). My role allows me to participate in everything from start to finish; from bringing work into the office through to business development, proposal production, to successfully delivering the work to the client’s satisfaction and then shaking his or her hand when the next project is awarded to us. This varied exposure provides for an interesting and challenging working environment.

  • Sarah May

    Sarah May

    Technologist, Victoria, BC 
    The best part of working for McElhanney has been the variety; working on projects in the field and in the office, collaborating with teams made up of people from other branches all over western Canada, and getting to know different clients with unique needs. The people I have met at McElhanney have all been kind, practical thinkers, and patient with all the questions that come up when you are working on something new.

    My role at McElhanney has me compiling bridge fabrication inspection reports, completing precast concrete fabrication inspections, coordinating other inspectors, drafting, writing proposals, coordinating quality management activities in our branch, and helping out with other odd jobs that come up. There are always new skills to learn!

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