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McElhanney may be over 100 years old but that doesn’t mean we are stuck in the past. For the past 3 years we have been developing a solution that brings all the surface elements we deal with daily into an online mapping environment that benefits our employees as much as our clients in their everyday work environment.

Meet McElhanney GeoWorks V.2 – an online web based mapping tool that offers our clients the ability to view well sites, pipelines and other spatially related information online.  GeoWorks has a broad range of uses such as planning, mapping, and project and asset management.  Inside clients have a multitude of layers and data available to interact with, below is some of the 350 plus layers that are offered in GeoWorks.

British Columbia Layers

Aboriginal Lands
Various Administrative Boundaries
Private Forestry Data
Crown Tenure
Oil & Gas Commission EPASS

NTS Grid and Peace River Block
BC Government Forestry Tenure
Road Networks
Water Wells
Mineral Tenures

Alberta/Saskatchewan Layers

Oil and Gas Information
Air Photos
Forestry Data
Mineral Tenure

Aboriginal Lands
Hydrographic Feature
Places of Interest

On top of all this data clients have the ability to access survey plans completed by McElhanney and view/save them as PDF’s. All client data loaded into GeoWorks is only accessed by individuals within your company and is password protected. All this we offer as a free value added service to our clients. If you would like to speak to a company representative about a more in depth look at GeoWorks, please contact Kyle Nadler at 403-245-4711 or

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