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Trans-Canada Highway Twinning Through Banff National Park

Banff National Park is divided by 83 km of the Trans-Canada Highway, initially conceived as a low-volume, scenic route. The highway has now become a major commercial thoroughfare, with increasing traffic volumes resulting in disproportionately high collision rates.

Parks Canada Agency commenced twinning of the highway in 1979, using an adaptive management model and improving its approach for each successive phase. The overall goals were to improve transportation service levels, enhance public safety, and mitigate adverse effects on wildlife mortality and habitat fragmentation.

In 2008, McElhanney was selected to provide design and construction management services for twinning of the 14km segment between Castle Junction and Moraine Creek, including the highway alignment and structural components. This section features nine major crossing structures, including two 60m wide landscaped overpasses, page wire fencing to prevent wildlife from accessing the highway, and four retaining walls. Ecological integrity was the primary consideration for every aspect of the project, from design elements to construction practices. The project's success can be seen through increased use of the wildlife crossing structures and reduced collision rates.

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