Resource Industries

Resource Industries

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McElhanney offers specialized consulting services across the resource industry sector. Whether your industry is mining, oil & gas, renewable energy or forestry, we offer services that expedite selection and development of sites, product distribution and decommissioning and reclamation. Our multi-disciplinary approach to resource development incorporates a broad set of technical skills to provide proven solutions for our clients.

Featured Solutions

  • Mine & Tailings

    Mine & Tailings

    McElhanney’s specialized services for mine waste management are based on planning with a mindset of "designing for closure". This leads to expedited regulatory approvals, proactive planning and end-of-life cost savings. Key solutions include site selection, operational planning, water management and geotechnical designs for safely containing mine waste.

  • Pipelines & Wellsites

    Pipelines & Wellsites

    We are a recognized leader in western Canada providing survey services to pipeline and well site development in the Oil & Gas Industry. We provide engineering infrastructure as well as environmental assessment, permitting, monitoring. Our survey services are comprehensive including: topographic, layout, legal and permitting. Other support services include LiDAR, orthophotography and mapping.

  • Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas

    Our company has a long tradition of applying our first class services to key roles in Oil & Gas development, including environmental permitting and monitoring; road, bridge, and camp engineering; mapping (LiDAR, orthophotography) and topographic, layout and legal survey. Our skilled and experienced professionals are well equipped and strategically located throughout western Canada.

  • Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy

    McElhanney has an established reputation for effectively using our first rate knowledge to bring innovative solutions to the Renewable Energy Industry including mapping (LiDAR, orthophotography); surveying (topographic, layout, legal); engineering (roads, bridges, camps) and environmental (permitting, monitoring). Innovations include solving transportation challenges associated with 90m long wind turbine blades.

  • Transmission Lines

    Transmission Lines

    Our reputation is renowned in western Canada for applying our core expertise to transmission line projects for key clients such as BC Hydro, Fortis, Valard and Alltech. Our main services include orthophotography and LiDAR mapping and topographic, layout and legal surveys; engineering access roads, bridges, camps and environmental permitting and monitoring.

Other Services Offered

Tailings Facility Water Balance
Hydrological Monitoring
Hydraulic Control Structure Design 
Flood Modeling
Environmental Assessment
Sediment Control

Slope Stability
Tender Package Preparation
Construction Management
and QA/QC
Inspection and Rehabilitation Design
Mine Closure and Reclamation

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McElhanney is well-known and respected throughout the industry for the integrity and quality of our work. We celebrate teamwork and collaboration, where every member of our team is important and valued.

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