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McElhanney delivers excellence in multidisciplinary environmental consulting, through timely and cost-effective solutions that meet your needs. With a wealth of expertise in terrestrial wildlife and plant ecology, marine, freshwater and riparian ecology, water resource engineering, erosion and sediment control, drainage management, reclamation and remediation, spill response, and contaminated site issues, we are able to provide tailor-made services for any project scope.

Featured Solutions

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

    McElhanney provides a broad range of environmental effects assessment services in support of proposed developments.

  • Regulatory Approvals & Agency Liaison

    As well as expertise in agency negotiations and liaison, our experience includes CEAA, BCEAA, RAR, ESC, and ESA.

  • Fish & Wildlife Inventory

    Clear Information and management recommen­dations for fish, wildlife and their habitats are required for projects to proceed. Our profession­als ensure costly delays are minimized & projects meet legal obligations cost-effectively.

  • Mitigation Compensation & Restoration

    Successful mitigation and compensation plans are essential to environmental preparation. We work with agencies to achieve aquatic, riparian and terrestrial habitat solutions and deliver cost­ effective results.

  • Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation

    McElhanney’s environmental specialists are experienced in Phase 1, 2, and 3 Environmental Site Assessments, hazardous material surveys, monitoring programs for soil and groundwater, In-situ/ex-situ contaminated site remediation solutions, and water management systems. 

  • Reclamation

    Expertise in reclaiming a site to its natural state, in all areas of the field, from sampling to obtaining a Reclamation Certificate. Our people have the necessary experience and training to undertake reclamation of cultivated lands, forested lands, and grasslands on wellsites.

  • Spill Response

    Experienced crews are essential when a spill occurs. Our team specializes in spills from industrial wastewater to crude oil, and we manage our programs in compliance with industry regulations. We provide the initial emergency response expertise including data gathering and assessment, on-site supervision, waste management, confirmatory sampling, and reporting. 

  • Environmental Liability Assessments

    We provide comprehensive environmental liability assessments that include review and interpretation of historical and current information, including regulatory records, company well files, drilling information, historical environmental assessments and investigations, and more.

Landscape Architecture

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The landscape architecture group at McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. provides comprehensive landscape and urban design, construction drawings, and construction administration services to clients in Alberta, British Columbia, and across Canada. Our project portfolio ranges from public parks and master planning to residential developments and streetscapes to private residential gardens and large green spaces.

Featured Solutions

  • Recreation & Open Spaces

    Playgrounds, entry features, sports fields, pathways and trails, interpretive elements, ponds and water features.

  • Streetscapes

    Paving design, lighting, public art, tree trenches, parkade slabs, furnishings, utility co-ordination, walkable streets.

  • Community & Master Planning

    Master planning, land feasibility, concept plans, site design, building layout, detailed design.

  • Residential Development

    Planting design, site layout, entry features, amenity spaces, storm ponding, rooftop gardens and green roofs.

  • Resort Planning

    Master planning, historical and cultural landscape research, conservation planning approach, land feasibility, concept plans, site design, building layout, rezoning, ALR re-designation, detailed design.

  • Cultural Landscapes

    Historic site designations, monuments, statements of significance, interpretive signage, renovations, restorations and rehabilitation.

Other Services Offered

Urban Streetscapes
Multi-Family Development
Urban Design
Public Parking
Site Planning
Green Spaces
Institutional Design & Development


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McElhanney offers a wide range of mapping services to fit a variety of project demands from oil and gas development to regional studies, detailed highway, utility, plant and municipal designs. McElhanney owns and operates several terrestrial and aerial LiDAR/digital camera systems, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) / drones.

Featured Solutions

  • Custom Mapping

    A great oil and gas project starts with a great map. Our custom and off the shelf mapping products can help you understand more than just the destination. We can help you identify key features, sensitive areas, important boundaries, routes and tenure types.

  • GeoWorks

    GeoWorks is a powerful GIS online mapping and planning tool developed at McElhanney to serve a broad range of uses. See PDF plans of well-sites, pipelines, facilities, and dispositions in a customizable live map environment here.

  • LiDAR

    LiDAR’s strength is its detailed 3D modeling. It applies to terrain, to tree canopy structures, underground cavities or building interiors. LiDAR minimizes cost and risk when selecting locations for development, construction and access. It is particularly helpful when access is remote, terrain is difficult, or when only small fractions of sites can be constructed or drilled.

  • Topographic Mapping

    Maps are produced from Satellite imagery for mineral exploration basemaps and GIS layers, from aerial LiDAR and digital photo for a wide range of projects, and from combined field survey, LiDAR, mobile mapping and photogrammetric processes for the safest and most efficient detailed design map base for development projects. View topographic
    maps here.

  • Web Based GIS Mapping

    Virtually every project manager can improve the effectiveness of the project by using Web based mapping to provide a visual reference to spatial data, forms and documents which can be linked to features on a map. Queries can be done from the associated attribute data.
    Click here to see the Vertisee web-based mapping platform.



  • Geological Data Services

    McElhanney can offer Pitney Bowes MapInfo, Discover, and Discover3D software sales, support and training by geologists. Our services include map and cross-section production, 2D and 3D digitizing services, drillhole and GIS database design and maintenance, 3D modeling for mineral exploration planning and investor presentations, 3D fly-through videos, custom coordinate-system and map-projection solutions.

Other Market Sectors



Other Services Offered

Off-The-Shelf Map Products
Photo Mosaic Maps
3D Scanner Maps
Thematic Mapping;
e.g. Oil Sand Leases Maps
Custom Mapping;
e.g. Emergency Access,
Disposition Maps, etc.

Topo Maps
Recreation Maps
Field Atlas Booklets for Crews
GIS Data Management
BIM Building Inventory Models


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McElhanney planners are passionate about creating vibrant and healthy communities. We offer professional land use planning services across western Canada for private land developers and all levels of government. Our trained and experienced professionals coordinate and manage multidisciplinary teams in fulfilling all aspects of the approvals process. McElhanney's planning portfolio includes master plans, community/municipal development plan, area & area redevelopment plans, design guidelines, land development approvals, subdivision design, and other long-range plans for municipalities.

Featured Solutions

  • Municipal Planning

    McElhanney strives to create great communities. Whether you are planning at the Neighbourhood, Community, Municipal or Intermunicipal level, we take pride in adding value to your process. 

  • Land Development

    McElhanney's integrated planning and engineering teams provide approval and design services for land development from initial concept to final construction drawings.

  • Design Guidelines

    McElhanney's team of planners, urban designers and landscape architects will develop customized architecture design guidelines for your community or development project.

  • Site & Master Planning

    McElhanney has provided site-specific master planning solutions for governments, private developers and First Nations. Our planners and designers excel at client consultation and timely delivery of expert designs.

  • Engagement & Consultation

    McElhanney believes strongly in community engagement in planning. Our planners are trained and skilled at facilitation and innovative public engagement techniques. We mediate solutions between developers and municipalities as well as among municipalities.

  • Land Use & Zoning Bylaws

    Our planners can assist your municipality with land use and zoning bylaw updates. Our professional knowledge of planning legislation in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan will provide invaluable support to this process.

Geotechnical & Materials Testing

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The first step of a project is often the most important one. Assessing the suitability of a site and subsurface conditions provides valuable information that can save time and money for the client while protecting the environment. Our qualified geotechnical engineers and material technicians are experienced to deliver accurate analysis and recommendations for current and future sites. The results tell our clients and other engineering teams of the specific needs and can address the challenges of a project.

Featured Solutions

  • Geotechnical

    Our geotechnical engineering services complement a variety of services that McElhanney already provides for land development, road/highway design and natural resources. It offers even more support to our clients on their projects from planning and design to construction. Specialties include geotechnical site investigation, foundation engineering, terrain mapping, geological hazard and terrain assessment, slope stability analysis, geotechnical monitoring, drilling supervision, coordination and sampling and pavement evaluation.

  • Materials Testing & Laboratory Services

    Our experienced and qualified technicians provide a wide range of laboratory and field testing services including Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Quality Management, and Project Supervision. Experienced field technicians provide a full range of construction materials testing services such as soil, aggregate, concrete, compaction and asphalt testing and analysis. We have in-house laboratories along with mobile labs which includes a CCIL certified for asphalt Type B.

Land Referral

Questions? Contact us about Land Referral

Our knowledge of the Oil & Gas Activities Act (OGAA) regulations and BC Oil & Gas application process paired with our problem recognition/solving abilities assists you with the Pre-Application Requirements or the Consultation & Notification Regulations processes. One on one discussions with the Oil & Gas Commission (OGC) have given us an excellent working relationship.

Featured Solutions

  • Referral Management

    Referral Management

    McElhanney provides timely approvals from the OGC for Oil & Gas clients operating in BC. Having surveying, mapping and referrals under one roof allows for quick and timely survey plan updates. Quick turnaround time on receiving plans means quick turnaround at the OGC. Using proven processes and a high level of expertise in the BC Oil & Gas regulations, our experienced Technicians provide liaison between McElhanney supervisors, the OGC and your company.

  • Referral Department Process

    Referral Department Process

    As a first step, final survey plans are received by the referral technician. Plans are reviewed and the necessary documents for notifications, consultations, third party requests and application are prepared. Next, applications requiring a company representative’s signature are sent to the client. Signed documents are reviewed and checked again for accuracy then hand delivered to the Governing Agency in Fort St. John. Our technician monitors and handles any questions that may come up during the Government review as well as third party agreements. Once the permit is issued and third party agreements have been received, our technician will send a package to you for your files.

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