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A pioneer in the application of advanced technology and innovative solutions in geomatics for over a century, McElhanney maintains a premier reputation with its clients worldwide. Our surveyors and experienced technical staff are committed to assisting our clients in developing their resource industries, their communities and the infrastructure needed to support them.

Featured Solutions

  • Land (Cadastral) Surveying

    Land (Cadastral) Surveying

    Land surveying, land information and data management are services we provide for a number of industries involving land development, resource exploration/development, telecommunications and engineering.

  • Engineering, Construction and <br>Topographic Surveys

    Engineering, Construction and
    Topographic Surveys

    Our professional land surveyors provide services for layout and planning of well-sites, pipelines, facilities, oil sands leases, camps, engineering planning studies, construction projects, utility design and highway design. Field survey teams operate both in urban areas and remote locations using GPS and conventional survey applications. CAD drawings are provided by experienced operators to produce maps, survey plans, engineering drawings and databases.

  • Marine and Hydrographic Surveys

    Marine and Hydrographic Surveys

    Our hydrographic surveyors have carried out assignments for sub-sea pipelines and cable route location, pre and post dredging, pile and caisson location and harbour/marina develop­ments.

  • Geodetic/Control Surveys

    Geodetic/Control Surveys

    McElhanney has developed applications to facilitate site control for a wide variety of surveying situations including site monitoring and quality control purposes.

  • Route Location

    Route Location

    Route location surveys provide the foundation upon which our clients plan, design and construct lines of transportation or communication. Our experienced personnel supported by up-to-date technology and equipment provide specialized services for microwave path surveys, telecom­munication site surveys, transmission lines, pipe­ lines, conveyor systems, resource industries access, haul roads and recreational trails in numerous locations in North America, Asia, Africa, as well as Central and South America.

Oil Sands

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McElhanney Land Surveys Ltd. has surveyed in the Oil Sands since 1994 and helped set the standard for regulatory mapping processes. We strive to enhance our reputation in the industry by working closely with stakeholders, industry regulators, and clients. In 2009 we created a specific Oil Sands Branch catering to the truly unique demands in Northeastern Alberta. Our operations now include close to 100 professionals designated specifically to Oil Sands related surveying and mapping.

Featured Solutions

  • Site Selection

    Site Selection

    We specialize in: mine site disposition surveys, legal surveys, clearing limits, multi-well pads, geotechnical borehole site selection, muskeg probes, topographic surveys, profile crossings, facilities disposition surveys, and camp plant sites.

  • Regulatory/Permitting


    Surface material leases (SME, SMC SML), mine site disposition surveys, and legal surveys.

  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    Facility permitting and data management, as built and layout underground utilities, and permanent concrete survey control markers.

Other Services Offered

Geotechnical Borehole Site Selection
Topographic Survey
Multi Well Pads
Substation Storage Yards

Oil & Gas

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We are a quality oriented service provider of surveying and mapping to the resource sector in western Canada. Over the years we have worked closely with the oil and gas industry to develop an outstanding reputation for excellence.

Featured Solutions

  • Wellsites and Facilities

    Wellsites and Facilities

    Planning, layout and drafting of wellsite and facility locations including access and topographical information in strict compliance with industry, regulatory, and environmental regulations.

  • GeoWorks


    Online mapping tool used for planning. GeoWorks gives users access to well sites, pipeline and facility drawings, license information, land standing reports, pipeline reports, high-resolution air photos and contours, government and industry information.Click here to learn more about GeoWorks.

  • Pipelines


    Pre-construction layout and post construction legal surveys. Planning and layout: construction plans, Individual Ownership Plans (IOP), crossing drawings, post construction/as built surveys and plan submissions to provincial and federal regulators.

Other Services Offered

Wellsite, Pipeline and Facilities Including
Access Legal Surveys for Right-of-Way
Legal Surveys For Right of Way
Construction Plans for Facilities and Plants
Survey Control and Quality Management
Compiled Mapping
Individual Ownership plans (IOP)
Crossing and profile drawings
Line Locating
Pre-Planning and Risk Mitigation


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Hydrocarbon, liquids and power. Survey of transmission happens in three phases: pre-construction and layout, at construction, and post-construction.

Featured Solutions

  • Pre-construction layout

    Pre-construction layout

    Pre-construction layout, survey control for LiDAR and mapping. Ground truthing, tower siting, profile surveys, center-line staking, Individual Ownership Plans (IOP), crossing drawings (including river and infrastructure crossings), mapping solutions for transmission, photo mosaics, landowner and stakeholder mapping, access planning, compiled plans and production mapping. All information for these high resolution custom maps are compiled and maintained by McElhanney.

  • At Construction

    At Construction

    Construction drawings, quality control of survey data, construction profile drawings, weld mapping and riser site survey pipelines.

  • Post Construction

    Post Construction

    Legal surveys and As-Built surveys including plan submissions to provincial and federal regulators.

Other Services Offered


Renewable Energy Surveying

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McElhanney has been surveying renewable energy projects for over 10 years and continues to grow and expand in the field with new technology and experience. We offer services from surveying and mapping to construction layout, working alongside our clients to build sites in an efficient and timely manner.

Featured Solutions

  • Surveying


    Surveying of turbine site locations, determining route access by collecting and providing topographic information to construction companies and working alongside them to plan layouts for roads and right-of-way cables.

  • Mapping


    Comprehensive and customized mapping solutions: Photo mosaics, access planning, compiled plans and production mapping. All information for these high-resolution custom maps are compiled and maintained by McElhanney.

  • Construction Layout

    Construction Layout

    During the construction phase of wind turbine projects we provide design and construction layout for roads, turbine pads, building sites and piles. We are able to facilitate construction by determining volumes of placed and excavated materials.

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McElhanney is well-known and respected throughout the industry for the integrity and quality of our work. We celebrate teamwork and collaboration, where every member of our team is important and valued.

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