Engineering Survey of the Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch

McElhanney was retained in 2017 by local construction contractor Smith Bros & Wilson (SBW) to provide surveying services to aid renovations at the library, which included the addition of escalators, elevators, and an auditorium. The objective of the survey was to identify a precise location for a temporary concrete platform supporting a multi-storey crane, and to identify positions to underpin and support the load of the crane and platform sited at street level on an underground parking structure. Both firms knew the complex nature of the existing utilities in the parkade structure would require an innovative approach to data collection and presentation.

Waterfront Centre Scan to BIM

The resulting model will not only be used for the upcoming renovation project but will also be used to update Lease Outline Drawings and confirm the lease areas on record. This existing condition 3D model is the foundation of their Building Information Model (BIM) and will be maintained as tenant improvements occur over time.

Simon Fraser University Scan to BIM

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Ironwood & Coppersmith Plazas

You are here:HomePortfolio ProjectIronwood & Coppersmith Plazas 2017 | Richmond, BC - The Ironwood and Coppersmith shopping plazas are located in Richmond, BC. McElhanney was hired by Westbank to provide 3D building models for architectural design and site plans for the development permit so renovations and upgrades to the building facades and exterior areas could…