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Our Pandemic Plan

This plan provides the framework to ensure the health and safety of our employees, clients, and partners, while helping us to maintain business continuity during COVID-19. This is a summarized version of our Pandemic Plan. For the full document, please contact the McElhanney response team.

McElhanney’s pandemic response team

When news of the COVID-19 pandemic started to surface, McElhanney assembled an internal pandemic response team which includes our CEO, executives, and business support service leaders from human resources, HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment), finance, and communications. This team is responsible for maintaining employee safety and business continuity throughout this pandemic.


To mitigate the impact of foreseeable risks, threats, and events related to COVID-19, our pandemic response team performs risk assessments when planning for and coordinating our activities. These risk assessments focus on the health, safety, and wellbeing of employees, sustainability, asset security, and business continuity.


McElhanney is monitoring daily employee wellness through our Employee Wellness App. We are also monitoring the status of the pandemic and government responses daily so we can adjust our operations accordingly and in a timely manner.


Our response team communicates with McElhanney staff regularly through all-employee video calls, social media, and internal memos, providing COVID-19 updates and resources to help keep people safe and connected.

Mitigation controls

We have implemented a new Safe Work Method for COVID-19. This document outlines practices and procedures to facilitate safe work during the COVID-19 pandemic at job sites and in-home offices. All employees who can work from home are working from home. Additionally, employees submit a daily wellness report, and we have contracted an occupational health nurse to assess employee symptoms and concerns.

Business continuity

McElhanney has deployed its Business Continuity Plan to ensure the health and safety of our staff and assure business continues. Our business continuity plan consists of five post-event stages: responding, adapting, optimizing, recovering, and thriving.

Emergency response

Our team has an emergency response protocol in place in-case an infected or symptomatic person reports to work or symptoms surface at a McElhanney workplace.


All McElhanney employees with responsibilities outlined in our Pandemic Plan have been educated on the importance of, and the contents of, our Pandemic and Safe Work Method, to ensure these plans are carried out effectively.

Dynamic approach

As the pandemic evolves, we will update our Safe Work Method and Pandemic Plan to keep them effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and maintaining business continuity. We are also committed to performing a post-mortem and applying any lessons learned to improve our response to future disasters and pandemics.