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We are proud of our leaders, and we know that becoming an effective leader is an ongoing process of both learning and doing. McElhanney offers management and leadership training opportunities, and the possibility to become owners in our company. Our managers and leaders enjoy working here because of our varied projects, high levels of engagement, opportunities for career development, excellent compensation and benefits package, and team of great professionals.


We are constantly on the look-out for talented, enthusiastic, and passionate individuals. If no postings are listed, we encourage you to submit your resume for general consideration.

Why McElhanney?

Company Ownership

Our firm maintains an entrepreneurial spirit. Our consistent results transfer into shareholders benefiting through healthy returns. We invite strong performers to take advantage of this unique opportunity to become a business owner, without needing to assume high personal financial risks. Historically in the past 15 years, our shareholders have benefited from annual dividends and / or share value increases that are at the top 10 percentile of the North American market, and unmatched by publicly traded firms.


Salary is commensurate with years of experience and with diversity, depth, and complexity of experience. In addition, we have historically paid performance bonuses annually. McElhanney’s remuneration package includes:

  • An annual bonus
  • Shareholding options
  • A competitive salary