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TC Mainline – LiDAR to Support Right-of-Way Management Program

2020-21 | Southern Alberta

In 2020 and 2021, McElhanney was contracted by TC Energy to conduct airborne and ground survey campaigns to support the ROW Management Programs for NGTL assets in Southern Alberta, as well as for the Mainline that extended across Canada. These campaigns consisted of airborne LiDAR and orthophoto collection, as well as a robust ground surveyed control network that can be relied upon for future surveys along this line.

The purpose of these campaigns was to acquire a comprehensive dataset that could be used in conjunction with previously collected datasets, to conduct analysis for a number of use cases (including depth of cover, inferred depth of cover, impact of agricultural activities, vegetation management, and pipe exposures). A number of these uses cases were further enhanced by incorporating other existing pipeline datasets (such as ILI and depth of cover surveys) to help derive further insights from the analytics program.

The majority of the 4,800km2 corridor was collected in under 2 months, allowing TC to proceed confidently on schedule, backed by a massive amount of data.

Progress tracking and deliverables for this project were all made available on our in-house web-mapping platform (Vertisee) and took many forms (i.e., download links from our project SharePoint site as well as a host of analytical widgets including queries, heat maps, profiles, and cross section tools to name only a few).

TC Mainline