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3D Case Studies

Our inhouse graphics team create highly engaging 3D images and fly-throughs (animated 3D video), allowing your audience to deeply experience the possibilities of the future project.
These 3D products can be shared on their own for a live online engagement session or embedded into a digital engagement space.

See below for examples of how we’ve used 3D modelling, flythroughs, and AR / VR to showcase our client’s projects.

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Malahat Hwy 1 Safety Improvements

Take a tour of Hwy 1 through Goldstream Provincial Park

With the Malahat Corridor Improvement Project, the BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure has been improving the safety of Hwy 1 by installing a median barrier and other upgrades. The stretch of highway which runs through Goldstream Provincial Park is challenging to design solutions for, as it is constrained by the river immediately running next to it, and by park lands on both sides.

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Coquitlam Intake Tower - augmented reality renderings

Coquitlam Intake Tower

The survey work for the intake tower included GPS, 3D laser scanning, UAV, and multi-beam bathymetry. The team used GPS to establish primary control from which to base the survey, and then extended that control network around the site with a conventional total station.

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Ross Road

Ross Road Upgrades & Bridge Replacements

Ross Road is located between Mountain Highway and Allan Road in North Vancouver. McElhanney is designing replacement bridges for the aging Coleman Creek  and Hastings Creek Bridges. This involves raising both the roadway approaches and bridges to achieve the maximum freeboard possible.

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Stadium SkyTrain Station Virtual Reality

Stadium SkyTrain Station

McElhanney gathered laser scanned data, converted it into a 3D model, then brought it into Virtual Reality software. This is a relatively simple virtual reality experience where the user can move around the station by walking or teleporting.

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Richmond Upgrades

No. 2 Road

The 3D visualization for this project needed to show what No. 2 Road would look like after the widening between Steveston Highway and London Road was finished. Our team took photos from 5 specific locations to so the surroundings in the rendering could be accurate.

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Chilliwack Roundabout

Vedder Roundabout

3D Photorealistic renders were required to showcase the design of this roundabout. CAD files were provided to model the roundabout as well as the terrain. After adding textures, lights and 3D models the renders were retouched to produce the final 3D imagery. The Contractor used these renderings to communicate the project to residents and stakeholders.

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Waterfrton Centre Virtual Reality Walkthrough

Waterfront Centre

This Virtual Reality experience shows the potential of this technology and its benefits for project proposals, public forums, marketing, stakeholder engagement, and more. Laser scanned data, CAD models, and 3D models were used along with programming to create this fully immersive experience.

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Sultanganj Bridge 3D rendering

Sultanganj Bridge

McElhanney provided bridge design and engineering services for the Sultanganj bridge project. Our team created 3D photorealistic renderings to illustrate the article. This rendering included a detailed 3D model with textures, scenery, and vehicle traffic.

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