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McElhanney provides a variety of acoustic survey services, including single and multibeam bathymetric surveys, two dimensional acoustic imaging and sub bottom profiling, and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) inspections. By using both static and dynamic deployment methods, we have been able to tailor our services to accommodate the job you need done. Our experienced team of professionals listen to the problem, and work together with you to provide a suitable and cost-effective solution no matter the task or challenge.

We offer you:

single beam surveys

Bathymetric Surveys

McElhanney performs single beam surveys in shallow waters and in locations where 100% coverage of the bottom is not required by the client. Our team has experience acquiring single beam datasets in rivers, shallow lakes, and other water bodies utilizing all types of watercrafts – including jet boats, inflatables, and autonomous surface vessels.

When full bottom coverage is required, we utilize an Ultra High-Resolution Multibeam Sonar System to acquire accurate datasets that can be used for a variety of applications, including mapping, scour analysis, hydrological studies, underwater inspections, and more.

2D Imaging and 3D Scanning Sonar

2D Imaging and 3D Scanning Sonar

2D Imaging and 3D Scanning Sonar is done using statically deployed imaging sonars coupled to custom fabricated poles. McElhanney specializes in these types of surveys. We have access to a variety of sonars and expertise with difficult deployments at hydropower dams, bridge piers, ports, and others.
Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Inspections

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) Surveys

McElhanney owns and operates a variety of ROVs and USVs has expertly trained pilots on staff. These vehicles have been deployed at various locations for inspection of dams, docks, bridges, and more.
Reporting and Data Analysis

Reporting and Data Analysis

The team at McElhanney doesn’t stop at data collection. We provide extensive reporting and data analysis within a variety of complex software. We provide a high level of professional oversight with each client deliverable, so the end user fully understands how to use and view the data. Deliverables include surface models, 3D fly-through, CAD files, and a wide variety of others.

Demonstrated experience

Columbia River Bathymetric Survey, Castlegar/Trail, BC

Client: BC Hydro | Services Provided: Bathymetric Surveying
LNG Canada Multibeam Monitoring Surveys

Project Summary

BC Hydro needed to repeatedly and accurately map areas in the Columbia River that could potentially cause harm to fish during low water conditions, as well as provide highly accurate hydrotechnical analysis. The mapped area required 100% bottom coverage to identify all large pools and shallow areas.

McElhanney’s bathymetric team worked with BC Hydro to provide complete full coverage of the riverbed throughout a 10km section of river. As shallow water bathymetric surveys are inherently challenging, McElhanney identified the appropriate equipment that was capable of mapping in such conditions. Furthermore, the team developed a methodology to collect the dataset while remaining safe within a challenging river environment.

Benefit to the Client

Facing a challenging environment, BC Hydro needed a multi-disciplinary team whom they could trust to successfully complete a shallow water bathymetric survey in the Columbia River. McElhanney leveraged our professional experience and identified the proper equipment and methodology to safely complete the survey.

Annacis Outfall Cofferdam Survey, Delta, BC

Client: Ruskin Construction | Services Provided: Dual Axis Multibeam and Single Beam Surveys
Annacis Plan View

Project Summary

In 2021, McElhanney was contracted by Ruskin Construction to provide dredge monitoring services within an isolated cofferdam along the Fraser River. The acoustic sensor was mounted to the side of the cofferdam and surveyed into position. Numerous scans were completed throughout the weeks and analyzed to indicate the amount of sediment being removed from the riverbed. When resolution limitations no longer allowed the team to get a clear image, McElhanney transitioned to an alternative sensor and deployment method.

McElhanney was able to provide a clear “image” of the bottom allowing the client to determine the next steps. Furthermore, McElhanney continued to work closely with the client to utilize the system in positioning piles, monitoring sediment removal, and providing as-built pile locations of the assets in a challenging environment.

Benefit to the Client

McElhanney provided inspection services in various forms (dual axis scanning and 3D underwater imaging) on a project with a continually changing scope. The initial dredge monitoring project was completed successfully, which then transitioned into underwater asset inspection phase.

LNG Canada – Dredge Pocket Monitoring, Kitimat, BC

Client: JGC | Fluor BC LNG JV | Services Provided: Bathymetric Monitoring

LNG Canada – Dredge Pocket Monitoring

Project Summary

McElhanney has successfully completed numerous surveys for LNG Canada in Kitimat, BC. All surveys included setup, calibration, and multibeam data collection using our Norbit Winghead ultra-high resolution multibeam sonar system.

Our in-field technicians were able to provide quick response time when additional surveys were requested, and the quality of our equipment allowed for repeatable, reliable, and high-quality services during each deployment. Deliverables included volumetric calculations, cross sectional profiles, contour and color shaded relief maps, and data 3D fly-throughs.

Benefit to the Client

McElhanney identified observations in the multibeam dataset and presented these to the client using various methods including drawings,
video fly-through and a presentation showcasing the dataset in 3DReshaper point cloud software. The client now has a better understanding of what can be achieved from these very accurate and dense datasets.

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