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Our landscape architects cover a diverse spectrum of projects in the public and private sectors.  We use a multidisciplinary approach to adapt a balance between built and natural environments while modifying the landscape for human use and enjoyment through design, planning, and management.

Landscape Architecture - Trails


Our trail experts are an eclectic group of experienced, and passionate trail users who have planned some of Western Canada’s most epic outdoor adventures. From trails in downtown cores, to remote backcountry routes, to world-class mountain bike race courses, we design them all.

  • Strategic plans (e.g., regional trail strategies, resort-wide mountain biking strategies, urban trail planning, etc.)
  • Trail master and management planning
  • Trail design (schematic, conceptual, and detailed), layout / flagging, and cost estimating
  • Trail construction and contract administration (bid package development and bid process)
  • Trail inventory and condition assessments
  • Technical trail features and infrastructure design (e.g., bridges, walkways, man-made features, etc.)
  • Signage and wayfinding; inventory, design, and assessment
  • Trail standard and guideline development
  • Policy, standard operating guidelines / procedures, and best management practices
  • Land authorizations (e.g., Section 57, Crown Land Tenures, Temporary Field Authorizations, etc.)
  • Mapping and geospatial services
  • Visitor monitoring and research
  • Public and community engagement
Fire pit and multiple picnic tables in a remote backcountry campground with a backdrop of mountains.


Parks enhance our quality of life and help protect our environment. We work extensively throughout some of Canada’s most treasured parks.

Whether it’s the development of a parks master plan, the detailed design of a day use area or the creation of an urban destination park, our parks experts are ready to create exceptional natural spaces.

  • Parks policies
  • Parks and open space master planning
  • Parks management planning
  • Parks inventorying and asset condition assessment
  • Parks schematic and detailed design
  • Campground and day-use area design
  • Outdoor and action sport facility design
  • Outdoor play space design
  • Wayfinding and signage
  • Visitor monitoring and research
  • Public and community engagement
  • Construction and contract administration
Landscape Architecture - urban design


Public realm integration is the design and shaping of urban environments to make the public realm functional, attractive, and sustainable. We do this through the grouping of buildings, streets, public spaces, transportation corridors, neighborhoods, districts, and entire cities.

  • Streetscape improvements
  • Main street rehabilitation
  • Downtown revitalization
  • Promenades and public realms
  • Urban plazas and squares
  • Highway corridors
  • Public transit corridors
  • Active transportation corridors
  • Placemaking and wayfinding
  • Public art
Landscape Architecture - Community Development


  • Subdivision site development
  • Multi-family living
  • Transit-oriented site development
  • Landscape architectural design guidelines
  • Entry monuments
  • Urban infill site development
  • Placemaking and wayfinding
  • Landscape art
Landscape Architecture - Commercial & Hospitality


Innovative concepts and high-quality features embolden places and the visitor experience as part of our commercial and hospitality landscape designs. McElhanney’s master plans use an inclusive mix of hard and soft landscapes to create memorable and unique spaces.

  • Resort master planning and design
  • Hotels
  • Corporate grounds
  • Retail/ mixed use commercial
  • Pedestrian-oriented malls
  • Big Box Retail
  • Eco-industrial business parks
  • Warehouse complexes
  • Storage yards
Landscape Architecture - Campus


Learning is social and occurs in outdoor spaces and plazas across campus. Our sustainable campus and institutional designs create public spaces that are durable, inspirational, and restorative.

  • Primary and secondary schools
  • University campus master planning and design
  • Institutes, academies and colleges master planning and design
  • Libraries
  • Hospitals
  • Age-in-Place and assisted living facilities
  • Therapeutic gardens and courtyards
  • Correctional services: remand centres, courthouses and training grounds
  • Emergency services: fire and emergency medical service stations
Landscape Architecture - Culture & Historic


As we undertake the complex task of uncovering the human story, McElhanney encourages stewardship and research improvements in our cultural and historic landscapes.

  • Cultural landscape preservation
  • Historic landscapes preservation and restoration
  • Monuments
  • Interpretive programming
  • Museums and outdoor exhibits
  • Zoos
Landscape Architecture - sustainable landscapes


Any landscape holds the potential to improve and restore ecosystem benefits. Clean air and water, runoff prevention, or simply providing safe habitats are essential to healthy communities and our well-being.

  • Reclaimed landscapes and streambanks
  • Roof gardens
  • Rain gardens
  • Constructed storm ponds
  • Bio-swales
  • Bio-retention cells
  • Naturalization and forest restoration
  • Urban forestry
Landscape Architecture - shorelines and waterfronts


Shoreline and waterfront landscape design offer some of the most spectacular and singularly challenging sites. At McElhanney, our projects cover the full spectrum of facilities ranging from private marinas to resort master plans or revitalized urban waterfronts.

  • Beach development: public and private
  • Marinas: public and private
  • Water-front promenades and sea-walks
  • Sea walls
  • Shoreline protection
Landscape Architecture - Arborist Services


Trees and their health are very important to those who manage outdoor spaces. Our certified arborist provides timely assessments and is supported by a multidisciplinary team.

  • Tree species identification
  • Risk assessment
  • Tree health assessment
  • Monetary appraisal
  • Development plan reviews
  • Impact assessment and mitigation planning for construction