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Beware of Fraudulent Job Offers and Job Postings

McElhanney is aware of fraudulent job postings and individuals receiving fraudulent job offers. Fraudulent job offers and job postings are from organizations or individuals that are falsely pretending to recruit on behalf of McElhanney. The domains or, for example, are fraudulent and not associated with any McElhanney company.

Please be aware:

  • Official McElhanney domains are and
  • Any correspondence coming from an unofficial McElhanney domain, for example: or, are fraudulent.
  • Any job postings on unfamiliar or unverified websites with vague or unrelated job descriptions are fraudulent.
  • McElhanney will never ask for money from applicants.
  • All individuals who are offered employment with McElhanney, whether directly or indirectly, are always required to go through a formal application and interview process with Human Resources and a Hiring Manager. If you did not go through this process, please be on alert for fraudulent activity.

To protect yourself, do not respond to unsolicited job offers from individuals or e-mail addresses, and never disclose any details about yourself (including personal or financial) to anyone you do not know or trust or on a website you do not trust.

If you believe you have received a fraudulent email from someone or come across an unfamiliar job posting pretending to represent McElhanney, please consider reporting the incident to us by emailing, as well as reporting the incident to your local law enforcement.

For additional help with identifying fraudulent job offers, read this article.