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Banff Upper Hot Springs

2017 | Banff, AB

The Banff Upper Hot Springs are an iconic attraction in Banff National Park. Believed by the early Indigenous Peoples to be sacred waters that could cure illness and maintain health, the Hot Springs now attract visitors from all over the world.

McElhanney performed a terrestrial laser scan of the buildings and surrounding area then built a Revit model of the existing development. Our team generated a 2-D site plan from the model and converted the Revit model into a virtual reality walk through, allowing viewers to see the site from remote locations as if they were there. McElhanney created this virtual and augmented reality imagery to demonstrate how ARVR technology can be used to support infrastructure development and public consultation efforts.

Virtual Reality

The video below illustrates a walk-through in virtual reality.

The screen-shots below were taken during the virtual reality walk-through.

Banff Virtual Reality Demo
Banff Virtual Reality Demo
Banff Virtual Reality Demo

Fly Through

The video at the top of this page shows the fly through. See below for screen-shots taken throughout the fly through.

Banff Hot Springs
Banff Hot Springs Fly Through
Banff Hot Spring Fly Through
Banff Spring Hotel Fly through