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Pine Valley Seniors Lodge Survey Support

McElhanney was contracted to perform survey layout, survey as-built, private utility locates, drone flights prior to demolition and various desktop analysis tasks.

McElhanney field personnel efficiently established an active survey control network that exceeded the task specific requirements of each survey (i.e., sub-centimeter).

Using this control network as the basis of all subsequent surveys, field staff supported the structural component of this project marking out underground facilities, piles, gridlines, and grade beams while also coordinating with the civil and architectural teams to ensure that the exterior features correspond with the building’s location (i.e., roadways, grades, and drainage patterns).

Some value-added components were added after the initial scope was determined. These included private locate activities to identify buried facilities and the use of a local Advanced Drone pilot to document site conditions immediately prior to demolition activities.

What services did we provide?

  • Topographic Survey
  • Legal Survey
  • Construction Survey
  • Drone/RPAS Survey