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Ross Road Upgrades & Bridge Replacements

Ross Road is located between Mountain Highway and Allan Road in the District of North Vancouver. McElhanney designed replacement bridges for the aging Coleman Creek and Hastings Creek crossings. This involved hydraulic modeling to optimize the roadway approaches and bridge geometry to achieve the maximum freeboard possible.

During the conceptual design stage, cast-in-place, partial precast, and full depth precast concrete options for the superstructure were considered alongside a steel option. Full depth precast was found to be the optimal solution due to its ability to encase and protect utilities from floodwaters and its reduced construction schedule, especially in the environmentally sensitive creek areas. Sheet pile wall foundations were found to be more effective than H-pile and shallow foundations since they avoid excavation below groundwater levels and adjacent to sensitive utilities.

Our team created 3D renderings to show the new bridge designs and the road widening. McElhanney created the renderings by combining photographs and 3D CAD files. The final renderings are photorealistic and were printed on large signs to be placed on site to communicate the project to local residents.

Ross Road
Road with cars
Ross Road