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Tombstone Backcountry Campground

2017-2018 | Tombstone Backcountry Campground, Kananaskis, AB

Tombstone Backcountry Campground is an easily accessible, popular campground in Kananaskis Country used by hikers, mountain bikers and equestrian users.  

After thirty years of use with no upgrades and increased visitation, there were user conflicts, site trampling, and operational and site design issues that Alberta Parks asked to address with a redesign of the site. Given the popularity of the area, it was important that equestrian users have facilities separate from hikers and cyclist campers. Historical, environmental, and First Nations interests had to be considered in addition to a well-planned layout. 

McElhanney worked closely on site with Alberta Parks interested parties to accelerate the design approval cycle. The project proceeded quickly to tender to maximize the short construction season in the backcountry.  For layout, McElhanney utilized Vertisee’s mapping and feature inventory capabilities to capture all existing site feature locations and photos. Onsite flagging was done to assist interested parties with visualizing the final constructed product and ease the approval process.   

McElhanney provided:

  • Campsite and amenities design that meets visitor requirements while minimizing future social trail development and trail braiding. 
  • A design for the horse hitching rails, signage plan, group gathering areas, fire pits, firewood storage, water source, grey water drainage, and campsites to minimize wildlife conflict by respecting the bear triangle. 
  • Area reclamation for areas already trampled by campers. 
  • Tendering services.
Tombstone campground
Tombstone campground trail system
Tombstone campground