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When you blur the lines between concept and reality, something surprising happens. You create clarity.

Get your point across and communicate your ideas with augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) demonstrations. Adding AR and VR to your public consultation or partnership meeting can build stakeholder consensus and minimize misunderstandings.

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Sultanganj Bridge

The Sultanganj bridge is located in Bihar, India. Our team created 3D photorealistic renderings to illustrate the project. These renderings included a detailed 3D model with textures, scenery, and vehicle traffic. View samples of our Virtual Reality, Still Image Renderings, and Fly Through content here.

Why hire McElhanney for your augmented or virtual reality project?

Augmented and virtual reality demonstrations are effective collaboration and demonstration tools for community planning and major infrastructure projects. The technology is widely-used (and sometimes mandatory) in parts of Europe. McElhanney is the only multi-disciplinary consulting firm offering this service in Western Canada, fully in-house, in partnership with our unique array of services. Typically, Canadian companies outsource their GIS data or project components when offering VR or AR. By offering our services in-house, we provide more efficient workflow and communications.

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