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Virtual Reality Services and More

Blur the lines between concept and reality to create clarity and build consensus.

Get your point across by communicating your infrastructure projects with visualizations like high-resolution renders and fly throughs, and immersive experiences like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) demonstrations.

Visualizations support your project at every phase

3D visualizations and immersive experiences can improve the information you share at different phases of your project.

First, during public consultation you can use AR and VR to build consensus and minimize misunderstandings.

Next, during early project development you can upload your designs to a mobile device or headset to see a project before it moves into bidding and construction. This strategy can help you optimize your proposed layouts, balance your project objectives, and reduce waste and increase design efficiencies.

Finally, during post-construction you can use AR and VR to assess your project against the original design and confirm that the build conforms to standards and requirements.

Click the tiles below to see how we are using visualization services to help our clients create clarity and balance project objectives.

Why integrate augmented reality or virtual reality on your next project?

Immersive visualization experiences like augmented reality and virtual reality are effective collaboration and demonstration tools for community planning and major infrastructure projects. The technology is widely used (and is sometimes mandatory) around the world.

With over 110 years of experience solving geospatial challenges and a multi-disciplinary team offering 30+ services, McElhanney’s in-house visualization services deliver conclusive demonstration tools that build consensus among interested parties, minimize misunderstanding, and reduce waste.

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