A shareable alternative to virtual and augmented reality demonstrations

Fly through videos provide a quick and detailed view of a design. They can be easily shared and watched on any laptop or smartphone. Animation can be added to show traffic patterns, pedestrians, and more.

Fly throughs provide greater visualization of systems and options before a project moves to bidding and construction. While not as effective as augmented reality or virtual reality to optimize system layouts and balance project objectives, fly throughs still contribute significantly to reducing the cost of design changes by front-loading effort during the design process to catch errors early.

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Malahat Corridor

Malahat Hwy 1 Safety Improvements

2020 | Trans-Canada Highway / Goldstream Provincial Park, Vancouver Island

Just north of Victoria, the Goldstream Provincial Park is a popular attraction, drawing thousands of onlookers annually to watch the Goldstream River salmon run. Those visitors arrive at the park via the Trans-Canada Highway 1 (Hwy 1), the main north-south corridor on Vancouver Island.

With the Malahat Corridor Improvement Project, the BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure has been improving the safety of Hwy 1 by installing a median barrier and other upgrades.

Park in Ponoka, AB

Screen shot of fly through video of proposed updates to the Old Hospital Rotary Park in Ponoka, AB

2019 – ongoing | Ponoka, AB
A virtual stroll through the park in Ponoka, AB

The Town of Ponoka, Alberta is in the midst of revitalizing its downtown area. Their goal is to create an even more attractive and vibrant community hub where residents can live, work, and play. Part of this project includes redesigning two of its downtown parks – The Old Hospital Rotary Park and Central Park.

Working closely with the Town, McElhanney proposed new designs for these parks that will add a fresh sense of place to the community and give residents spaces where they can relax and reconnect with nature.

Stadium SkyTrain Station

Stadium SkyTrain Station Virtual Reality

2018 | Vancouver, BC

Stadium SkyTrain Station, located in Downtown Vancouver is a key transit hub for commuters. McElhanney gathered laser scanned data, converted it into a 3D model, then brought it into Virtual Reality software. This is a relatively simple virtual reality experience where the user can move around the station by walking or teleporting. McElhanney developed this model to demonstrate how virtual reality can support future transportation and infrastructure projects.

Waterfront Centre

Waterfrton Centre Virtual Reality Walkthrough

2017-2018 | Vancouver, BC

McElhanney was hired by Stantec for this planned renovation project to relocate multiple commercial retail units (CRU’s) and modernize the food court. Record as-built drawings for this building were incomplete and deemed unreliable by the architects that needed a dependable model from which to base their design.

Banff Upper Hot Springs

Banff Hot Springs Fly Through Demo
2017 | Banff, AB
The Banff Upper Hot Springs are an iconic attraction in Banff National Park. Believed by the early Indigenous Peoples to be sacred waters that could cure illness and maintain health, the Hot Springs now attract visitors from all over the world.McElhanney performed a terrestrial laser scan of the buildings and surrounding area then built a Revit model of the existing development.