A shareable alternative to virtual and augmented reality demonstrations

Fly through videos provide a quick and detailed view of a design. They can be easily shared as they can be watched on any laptop or smartphone. Animation can be added to show traffic patterns, pedestrians, and more. See below, to view a selection of our fly through videos.


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Screen shot of fly through video of proposed updates to the Old Hospital Rotary Park in Ponoka, AB

A virtual stroll through the park in Ponoka, AB

Working closely with the town, McElhanney proposed new designs for these parks that will add a fresh sense of place to the community and give residents spaces where they can relax and reconnect with nature.

Waterfrton Centre Virtual Reality Walkthrough

Waterfront Centre

This Virtual Reality experience shows the potential of this technology and its benefits for project proposals, public forums, marketing, stakeholder engagement, and more. Laser scanned data, CAD models, and 3D models were used along with programming to create this fully immersive experience.

Sultanganj Bridge 3D rendering

Sultanganj Bridge

McElhanney provided bridge design and engineering services for the Sultanganj bridge project. Our team created 3D photorealistic renderings to illustrate the article. This rendering included a detailed 3D model with textures, scenery, and vehicle traffic.

Banff Hot Springs Fly Through Demo

Banff Upper Hot Springs

McElhanney created the Banff Upper Hot Springs 3D model using laser scanned data. This Virtual experience brings in weather and vegetation. Users can move around the historical site allowing them to view it in detail. This 3D model will provide our team with important details to support the project.

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