A shareable alternative to virtual and augmented reality demonstrations

Fly through videos provide a quick and detailed view of a design. They are easily viewed on any laptop or smartphone and are straightforward to share. Animation showing traffic patterns, pedestrians, and more can be added to a fly through to increase the reality of the experience.

Experience a fly through of the Trans Canada Highway 1 Ford to Tappen Valley Road upgrade

Fly throughs for public consultation and pre-construction

Fly throughs are an excellent tool to improve the information you share during public consultation and early project development phases:

  • During public consultation you can use fly throughs to build consensus and minimize misunderstandings.
  • During early project development you can upload your designs to a mobile device or headset to see a project before it moves into bidding and construction. This strategy can help you optimize your proposed layouts, balance your project objectives, and reduce waste and increase design efficiencies.

Like augmented reality and virtual reality, fly throughs front-load effort during the design process. By catching errors early on, you can reduce the cost of design changes.

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Explore how we’ve used fly throughs to share projects

Ford to Tappen Public Engagement

YouTube preview of high-resolution 3D render of highway interchange

2020 | Columbia Shuswap Regional District, BC

The BC Ministry of Transportation was three years into the Highway 1 Ford Road to Tappen Valley Road 4-laning project when COVID-19 arrived. To facilitate public engagement in spite of COVID-19 realities, McElhanney delivered digital services and kept communication channels open without relying on physical meetings. 

The digital engagement experience included an overview presentation that linked the key elements of the project together with a narrative of the project features, a 3D visualization and flythrough of the proposed design, and a Vertisee© online feedback map, with orthophoto and design superimposed to allow interactive public feedback. 

Memorial Hirst Fly Through and Public Engagement

A paved street is lined by deciduous trees. There is fresh landscaping and a concrete and wood bench next to the street.

2022 | Parksville, BC

Memorial Avenue was a living monument to Parksville’s fallen World War I soldiers. The City didn’t know if their needed infrastructure replacements could be completed without damaging or removing the historic Elm trees lining the street.

To make an informed decision, the City engaged McElhanney’s skills, experience, and sensitivity. Given the community’s connection to the memorial trees, the project required a proactive public engagement campaign. McElhanney identified that a fly through would provide a valuable point of connection for the community throughout the engagement process.

Malahat Corridor

Malahat Hwy 1 Safety Improvements

2020 | Trans-Canada Highway / Goldstream Provincial Park, Vancouver Island

Just north of Victoria, the Goldstream Provincial Park is a popular attraction, drawing thousands of onlookers annually to watch the Goldstream River salmon run. Those visitors arrive at the park via the Trans-Canada Highway 1, the main north-south corridor on Vancouver Island.

With the Malahat Corridor Improvement Project, the BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure has been improving the safety of Highway 1 by installing a median barrier and other upgrades.

Ponoka Rotary and Central Parks

Screen shot of fly through video of proposed updates to the Old Hospital Rotary Park in Ponoka, AB

2019 | Ponoka, AB

The Town of Ponoka, Alberta is in the midst of revitalizing its downtown area. Their goal is to create an even more attractive and vibrant community hub where residents can live, work, and play. Part of this project includes redesigning two of its downtown parks – The Old Hospital Rotary Park and Central Park.

Working closely with the Town, McElhanney proposed new designs for these parks that will add a fresh sense of place to the community and give residents spaces where they can relax and reconnect with nature.