Bring your project to life with a fully immersive experience

Put on a headset and walk through your next road design, assess view corridors from the proposed office tower, compare the look and feel of various design elements, or collaborate with other interested parties in a virtual space. This tool allows you to tour your new design before it’s built without leaving your office.

Upload a design to a virtual reality headset and see a project before it moves into bidding and construction in order to:

  • Optimize proposed layouts
  • Balance a wide range of project objectives
  • Reduce waste and increase design efficiencies

Users can compare different options, change materials and textures, teleport, get Building Information Modelling (BIM) information, and more. Virtual reality turns a passive audience into active participants, and safeguards project budgets.

Experience a virtual reality tour of the Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain station in Vancouver, BC:

An alternative virtual reality experience

Panoramas are multiple still images stitched together to create a single image.

Users can engage panoramas through an app on a phone that is held in a headset. While the experience isn’t as immersive or three dimensional as traditional virtual reality, it is still a powerful way to communicate.

Explore the panorama below – pull the image up, down, left, or right – to see more of the site.

Visit McElhanney’s Cave

Immerse yourself in an alternate reality when you step into McElhanney’s Cave.

The Cave is a private room designed for a virtual world. Want to take a tour of your development before it’s been built? We can create your project at real-world scale for you to explore and evaluate in the Cave before construction even begins.

Interested? Contact:

McElhanney can prepare virtual reality demonstrations for public engagement and public consultation

Explore the examples of how we have used virtual reality to animate projects

Stadium-Chinatown SkyTrain Station

Stadium SkyTrain Station Virtual Reality

2018 | Vancouver, BC

The Stadium-Chinatown SkyTrain Station, located in Downtown Vancouver, is a key transit hub for commuters. McElhanney gathered laser scanned data, converted it into a 3D model, then brought it into virtual reality software. This is a relatively simple virtual reality experience where the user can move around the station by walking or teleporting. McElhanney developed this model to demonstrate how virtual reality can support future transportation and infrastructure projects.

Waterfront Centre

Waterfrton Centre Virtual Reality Walkthrough

2017-2018 | Vancouver, BC

McElhanney was hired by Stantec for this planned renovation project to relocate multiple commercial retail units (CRUs) and modernize the food court. Record as-built drawings for this building were incomplete and deemed unreliable by the architects that needed a dependable model from which to base their design.

Banff Upper Hot Springs

Banff Hot Springs Fly Through Demo

2017 | Banff, AB

The Banff Upper Hot Springs are an iconic attraction in Banff National Park. Believed by the early Indigenous Peoples to be sacred waters that could cure illness and maintain health, the Hot Springs now attract visitors from all over the world.

McElhanney performed a terrestrial laser scan of the buildings and surrounding area then built a Revit model of the existing development.