An interactive and collaborative 3D experience

Take your designs to the next level by viewing the real world and a virtual overlay at the same time with augmented reality. Interact with augmented reality through applications ranging from simple smartphone apps to sophisticated HoloLens experiences.

As with other visualization services like virtual reality or fly throughs, integrating augmented reality into your project’s early stages can improve your project process. When you upload a design to your mobile device or headset, you can experience a project before it moves into bidding and construction in order to:

  • Optimize proposed layouts
  • Balance a wide range of project objectives
  • Reduce waste and increase design efficiencies

Experience an augmented reality demonstration inside McElhanney’s Cave:

Real-world environments combined with digital models

Augmented reality overlays real-world environment with digital models. With the mobile device in your pocket, we can transform the world around us and visualize new possibilities.

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Explore examples of how we have used augmented reality to showcase our projects

Coquitlam Water Tower

Coquitlam intake tower - augmented reality rendering

The Coquitlam Intake Tower, owned and operated by the Greater Vancouver Water District (GVWD), is a critical piece of infrastructure for Metro Vancouver’s water supply system. The tower supplies up to 40% of the region’s drinking water during peak demand. Located in the Coquitlam Watershed at the southeast corner of Coquitlam Lake, the tower was constructed in 1913, and the American Water Works Association designated the tower a heritage landmark structure. It stands 27m tall with a constant diameter of 5.5m and is made of unreinforced concrete. A 20m long bridge connects the hillside to the tower, which provides access to the control room (as about half of the tower is submerged in the Coquitlam Lake).