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Take a virtual tour through Goldstream Provincial Park

2020 | Trans-Canada Highway / Goldstream Provincial Park, Vancouver Island

Just north of Victoria, the Goldstream Provincial Park is a popular attraction, drawing thousands of onlookers annually to watch the Goldstream River salmon run. Those visitors arrive at the park via the Trans-Canada Highway 1 (Hwy 1), the main north-south corridor on Vancouver Island.

With the Malahat Corridor Improvement Project, the BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure has been improving the safety of Hwy 1 by installing a median barrier and other upgrades. The stretch of highway which runs through the park is challenging to design solutions for, as it is constrained by the river immediately running next to it, and by park lands on both sides.

But design we did. And when the time came for public consultation, our Geospatial branch stepped up. They produced sophisticated deliverables to help the Ministry connect with their stakeholders virtually, given the consultation couldn’t be held in-person. A fly-through video of the site, captured by drone, immersed viewers in a virtual tour of the current site and proposed design – and all from the safety and convenience of their own homes.

Take the tour:

Technology like this lets the public experience the design, prior to construction, and to see project features up close. Connect with us to explore how we can bring your project to life – virtually. 

Malahat Hwy 1 Safety Improvements
Malahat Highway 1 Safety Improvements
Goldstream Provincial Park
Goldstream Provincial Park