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LakePointe Village Multi-Family Project

2021-2022 | Lake Country, BC

The client for LakePointe Village wanted to address a need to provide multi-family housing that would fill the gap between high-density townhouses and the increasingly expensive single-family home, but they faced a time-sensitive challenge; the local municipal wastewater system had a limited capacity to accommodate new development.  To secure use of the local municipal wastewater system’s remaining capacity before it was allocated elsewhere, McElhanney was called on to deliver landscape design as part of the development permit application that would bring LakePointe’s vision to life, all within a tight timeline. 

McElhanney’s landscape division moved quickly to provide a design development package including illustrated plans, as well as precedent and plant images.   

“Unlike other land development projects where meeting municipal requirements is the main priority, the client for LakePointe had a very specific aesthetic in mind,” recalls Landscape Designer, Alissa Baker, who was responsible for the technical and presentation drawings on this project. “We worked closely with the client to make sure their expectations, along with municipal and maintenance requirements, were not only met but exceeded.” 

The client for LakePointe appreciated the graphics provided by the landscape team.  “At McElhanney, we coordinate precedent and plant images with plan renderings, which gives us the ability to communicate what the final landscape will look like,” says Alissa. This was important for LakePointe, since the development’s modern farmhouse aesthetic was a key to its integration into the larger rural neighborhood and surrounding vineyards, orchards, and farmer’s markets. 

McElhanney provided:

  • Landscape design development and permit application drawing packages, including illustrated landscape plan, planting plans, details, and precedent and plant images 
  • Technical specifications 
  • Pre-tender estimate and bid form outline 
  • Construction review and support administration services 
  • Marketing graphic assistance