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Living Waters Boardwalk

2016-2018 | Elk Island National Park, AB

The Elk Island Living Waters Boardwalk project incorporated Parks Canada Agency’s vision for enhancing visitor experience by replacement, repairs, and rehabilitation of an existing boardwalk. The new boardwalk utilized durable materials and improved construction techniques to provide greater material lifespan, enhance visitor experience and reduce future maintenance needs.

The boardwalk design promotes a healthy relationship between visitors and natural ecological features of the site through programmatic features tailored to both visitor experience and ecological awareness. Those visiting Living Waters Boardwalk can immerse themselves into nature through use of the upgraded, accessible boardwalk. The upgraded features ensure both safe pedestrian and wildlife circulation through the site. Non-slip surface nodes situated along the boardwalk can accommodate varying numbers of visitors, while providing gathering spaces for guests to sit and enjoy the natural beauty of the park.

McElhanney provided:

  • Pre-design report stages 1+2, surveying, site analysis, landscape architecture, environmental assessment, structural design, geotechnical services
  • Preliminary design, detailed design & tender package
  • Post construction services, construction administration and project management