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Accessibility Guidelines for Alberta Provincial Parks

2017-18 | Alberta

McElhanney, along with subconsultants Level Playing Field and Ron Wickman Architect, developed the Accessibility Construction Guidelines for Alberta Environment and Parks. The manual prescribes how to reduce barriers for challenged populations, giving them equal access to the splendor of Alberta’s parks. The 317-page manual, completed March 2018, provides parks designers and builders with new or updated accessibility standards that will benefit approximately half a million Albertans living with some form of disability. This project will significantly impact the way people access and enjoy Alberta’s 500+ provincial parks and recreation areas.

The team held on-site engagement sessions in order to witness first-hand and understand the barriers faced by people with mobility, vision, hearing, and cognitive impediments. We translated ideas for improvement into 109 tangible, site-specific designs, developed through extensive research into accessible design and construction standards, products, materials, and installation techniques.

Designing for Inclusion & Accessibility in Alberta's Provincial Parks
Project Area Map
Understanding pedestrian circulation
McElhanney's team and some of our key stakeholders in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park
McElhanney developed construction detail sheets for signage and wayfinding