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Rushbrook Trail Reconstruction

2017-2018 | Prince Rupert, BC

Closed in 2001 due to safety concerns, Rusbhrook Trail was one of the few access points to Prince Rupert’s waterfront. Seeing the need to re-open this community trail, the Prince Rupert Rotary Club began the process of redesigning and raising the capital funds for the rehabilitation.

In early 2017, McElhanney assisted the Rotary Club with the tendering, and subsequent contract administration for the reconstructed trail. The project included the installation of six lock block catchment walls, construction of 1.2 km of new trail, and the installation of three pre-fabricated aluminum span bridges over the Prince Rupert Harbour. Since re-opening in the summer 2018, the trail has garnered positive reviews and been well used by the community.

The trail runs adjacent to the north end of Prince Rupert’s inner harbour, linking the Rushbrook Floats to Seal Cove and providing unique waterfront access for the coastal community.

Rushbrook Trail Prince Rupert
Rushbrook Prince Rupert