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Bragg Creek Revitalization Plan

Winner of the 2016 APPI Design award, McElhanney’s Bragg Creek revitalization plan developed a clear vision for the Hamlet of Bragg Creek. After the 2013 flood, the residents needed to rebuild their thriving economy. McElhanney created a community-driven plan that understood long-term sustainability through tourism, housing diversity, and opportunities for new businesses.

During the flood, Bragg Creek experienced major damage which left the infrastructure in rough condition. Although the community attempted to rebuild, the hamlet struggled from a lack of vision and coordination. With tourism stagnant, the economy was struggling, and local businesses were having a hard time surviving. The residents were divided, and a clear consensus was required for the future of Bragg Creek.

McElhanney along with MVH Urban Planning & Design worked together to develop a Revitalization Plan for the Hamlet of Bragg Creek that focuses on four key areas: physical improvements, economic improvements, policy amendments, and community and culture. The team was able to create a clear roadmap for community growth and renewal. Along with a thorough review of reports, policies, and demographics, there was extensive community consultation. This included a public engagement plan, community workshops, and pop-up consultation events.

The recommended policy will help the community grow. These key recommendations will invigorate the community and economy of Bragg Creek for long-term health and resilience.

Bogg Creek
'After' View of Town Square
Bragg Creek Revitalization