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Cypress Pipe Coaster

2020 | West Vancouver, BC

Minutes from downtown Vancouver, Cypress Mountain is a well-established winter destination popular with locals and tourists alike for its breathtaking views and recreational amenities. By expanding its summer operations to include a mountain coaster, Cypress Mountain aimed to further secure its reputation as a summer destination.

Cypress Mountain engaged McElhanney because our team was familiar with the regulatory process surrounding their project. Since 2011, our team has worked closely with mountain resorts to expand their operations into summer use. McElhanney has worked with multiple resorts to register designs with Technical Safety British Columbia (TSBC) and its Alberta equivalent (Alberta Elevating Devices Amusement Rides Safety Association, or AEDARSA) for features such as conveyors, ziplines, and ski lift variations. Through these past experiences and with McElhanney’s specific experience on the Revelstoke Mountain coaster, our team had a good understanding of the issues of importance to TSBC.

Cypress Mountain knew that the addition of the new mountain coaster went beyond the installation of the ride itself; the new ride needed to take advantage of existing mountain operations. To that end, we created a new carrier with a local fabricator to return the coaster toboggans to the top of the mountain using one of Cypress’ chairlifts.

McElhanney’s engagement with Cypress was delivered in two phases. The first phase focused on an engineering review of the proposed design, drawings, and support documentation.  The second phase of construction and acceptance testing consisted of installation review, acceptance testing, and accelerometer testing.

McElhanney provided:

  • Engineering review
  • Installation review
  • Acceptance testing
  • Accelerometer testing
  • Design registration