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Highway 1 – 264 to Whatcom Rd. Field Coordination

2021 – ongoing | Langley/Abbotsford, BC

McElhanney was tasked with project field coordination for road upgrades to a section of Highway 1, between 264th Ave and Whatcom Road – an area of highway approximately 35 km long in either direction.

Requiring over a dozen consultants and contractors working on this project, it required smooth, timely and efficient field coordination to suit its scale and complexity. McElhanney deployed Vertisee, its own web-based mapping solution, and developed a tool within it which allows the consultant/contractor to submit work areas to determine if there are any spatial conflicts (ie another contractor in the same work area).

This innovative approach to automating the contractor conflict zones has streamlined a once tedious task.

McElhanney provided:

  • Coordination of prime contractors when work area conflicts arose
  • Interactive map depicting work areas, hazard points and known utility locations
Highway 1 – 264 to Whatcom Rd. Field Coordination