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Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project

2014-Present | Hudson’s Hope to Prince Rupert, BC

The Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project (PRGTP) is a proposed 900 kilometre natural gas pipeline running from Hudson’s Hope to Lelu Island on the BCs North Coast. This project involved extensive digital data collection in the field using the latest technology and continual updates to Vertisee, McElhanney’s own web-based GIS mapping platform. The platform was used by engineers to facilitate road design and road upgrade costing in the office environment, drastically increasing efficiency over conventional road assessment methods and allowing project managers, planners, sub consultants and the client to see a dynamic map/data showing the entire project scope changing daily.

McElhanney provided the following:

  • Collected large amounts of field data with mobile GIS tablets. Field collection was quick, efficient, and streamlined
  • Use of Vertisee, McElhanney’s web based GIS mapping platform to:
    • Aggregate and quality check all field data and document management
    • Allow team members to view updates and changes quickly to help team collaboration
    • Assist with designing the access roads
    • Used externally by the client to view data and track progress
Helicopter in snow