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Progress Energy Asset Management

2015-Ongoing | Northeastern BC – McElhanney was retained by Progress Energy for the purpose of asset management/inventory. McElhanney split the asset management project into 3 phases; (1) project initiation and development of Vertisee, an online web-based map to sort and file information collected on roads, bridges and other assets; (2) data acquisition and management; and (3) ongoing updates. During Vertisee development, data was pulled from both public and private sources and compiled into a single, comprehensive and interactive map with linked files and photos. This allowed users in multiple branch locations to view and access the same map and files in real-time.

Custom electronic forms were also developed to allow field crews to collect and view data using Collector for ArcGIS on mobile devices. In addition to web hosting and data management, McElhanney completed the inventory of existing culverts along approximately 580 kilometres of access roads as well as mine planning for pit development and permitting. All data collected and generated from these works were displayed in Vertisee.

McElhanney provided the following:

  • Project initiation and development of Vertisee
  • Data acquisition and management
  • Ongoing updates and maintenance as well as technical assistance to users of both Vertisee and Collector
  • Inventory of existing culverts completed along approximately 580 kilometers of access roads
  • Mine planning for pit development and permitting