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Uplands Combined Sewer Separation

2015-ongoing | District of Oak Bay, BC

The Uplands is a 400-unit subdivision in the District of Oak Bay, and was originally developed in the early 1900s. The District hired McElhanney to develop six options for separate sewer and stormwater systems with service to each residence in the Uplands. The District’s primary goal is to eliminate combined system overflows to the ocean, and reduce overall volume to the CRD system. McElhanney created and documented each option with enough detail to allow for public review and a council decision on the preferred option.

McElhanney’s scope for this project includes:

  • Developing all options to the preliminary design stage. All options considered:
    • Eliminating combined sewer overflows, and reducing stormwater inflow and infiltration to the sanitary sewer system
    • Reducing excavation, minimizing destruction of private property, and reducing the removal of healthy mature trees and landscaping in the public right-of-way.
  • Preparing conceptual design drawings
  • Preliminary plan for repairs and rehabilitation to maintain existing system for future use
  • Conceptual stormwater management plan for each option
  • Identifying potential archeological conflicts
  • Identifying slope stability issues that may impact each option
  • Identifying existing issues with lack of legal status for pipes on private property and location of proposed new statutory rights of way.
  • Providing options for green stormwater management techniques on both public and private property
  • Providing detailed cost estimates
  • A triple bottom line analysis and comparison of each option
Uplands Combined Sewer Separation