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Spirit Rock Climbing Gym

2013 | Kimberly, BC – The Spirit Rock Climbing Gym is located in Kimberly, BC. It features 6000 square feet of indoor and outdoor roped climbing, reaching heights of 50 feet and includes a 16 foot high top out bouldering area.

In 2013, McElhanney provided geotechnical engineering and site reviews for the building foundation as well as structural engineering and inspection services for the climbing surfaces. McElhanney created the shape of the climbing wall structures using a series of custom trusses, which were secured to the building’s reinforced concrete walls and parallel chord wood roof trusses. Each truss was analyzed using computer software and designed to handle dynamic loads using dimensional lumber chords with nailed plywood gusset connections. This construction method allowed the trusses to be manufactured and erected on site using common materials, tools, and labour. Welded steel top rope as well as lead climbing anchors and hardware were also designed and specified to resist the high loads imposed on the structure from falling climbers. The wall features several surfaces with varying degrees of overhanging slope to accommodate users of all ages and abilities.

McElhanney’s scope of services included:

  • Geotechnical site assessment, report, and site reviews
  • Review of the design parameters of the building walls and roof trusses
  • Structural analysis and design of the climbing wall trusses
  • Preparation of truss fabrication and layout drawings for construction
  • Review of the wood frame and steel hanger construction and installation
Spirit Rock Climbing Gym