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Vertisee is a web-based platform that integrates the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with easy-to-use maps. It allows our clients to access project-by-project site data from any internet browser, at any time.

Land Developers, various levels of government, First Nations groups and resource companies use Vertisee to manage, monitor, and analyze their assets. Whether your expertise is project management, planning or engineering, Vertisee allows you to seamlessly share spatial geographic information on any internet browser in a user-friendly interface. A game-changer for project planning, tracking and the management of spatial data both within the office or in the field, common applications include asset management, transportation monitoring and analysis, and emergency and disaster management.

About Vertisee

Geoprocessing & Analytics

Vertisee can accommodate any type of data that can be placed on a map; including roads, pipes, buildings, vegetation, cadastral lot plans, environmental features, and events.

Customize your web map with tools that save you time, and features to make accessing information straightforward.

Vertisee Digital Platforms

Easy to Navigate

Customize your web map with tools and features to make viewing information a breeze.

Layers Vertisee

Create custom mapviews
with layer control

Bookmark Vertisee Tool

Zoom to specific coordinates
or bookmarked areas


Edit, markup, or add data
to existing datasets

Measure Tool Vertisee

Measure lengths,
 and perimeters

Print Tool

Custom PDF and paper
map printout tools

Profile Tool Vertisee

Create and view elevation profiles

Artboard 1 copy 5

Set up custom tools to reduce
time spent on repetitive tasks

Artboard 1 copy 6

Custom reporting tools

Google Maps Street View Vertisee

Integrated with Google
Maps Street View

Review Analytics Tool

Review progress,
analytics and risk

Real-Time Updates

Vertisee data is always current as it resides on in-house cloud servers within Canada and provides real-time updates of project information. Monitor the progression of your field crews as they collect and manage data throughout your project. Access all your data on the go live using mobile GPS-enabled devices, including tablets and smartphones.

Your Data, Our Platform

Use Vertisee to share data with your staff, clients, partners, or the public. Host your data on Vertisee with password protection or open it up to the public to see and interact with all stakeholders.


Community Engagement Demo

Community Engagement Demo

Connect with your stakeholders. Vertisee can be used on a variety of platforms: from desktop computers to tablets to mobile devices. Vertisee’s robust tool set can be customized for different use-cases, making it an ideal tool for community engagement. When configured as a community engagement interface, Vertisee allows the public to view data at their convenience and provide feedback directly from their electronic device. Engage, share, take action.

Orthophoto & LiDAR

Orthophoto & LiDAR Catalogue

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Need LiDAR and / or orthophotography? Check out our extensive LiDAR and orthophotography catalogue.

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