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San Josef River Bridge No. 7939 -Environmental Assessment & Detailed Design of Detour Bridge Abutments and Replacement Bridge

2016 | Holberg, BC – The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure requested McElhanney to perform a safety assessment of the existing bridge site, detailed design of the temporary detour Acrow bridge substructure and the conceptual and detailed design of the replacement bridge, under an As and When Engineering Services Contract. McElhanney provided in-house bridge engineering, highway engineering, survey and environmental services and added archaeological and geotechnical sub-consultants to the project team.

The San Josef River Bridge is located on Winter Harbour Road, near Holberg, BC. During an extreme flood event in November 2013, the existing bridge superstructure was torn from its substructure and washed away due to the accumulation of river debris on the upstream side of the superstructure.

The replacement bridge is a 31m single-lane single-span structure. The superstructure consists of single-cell prestressed concrete box girders; the abutments are integral with the structural overlay and cast-in-place concrete pile caps. The superstructure is supported on concrete-filled steel pipe piles driven into bedrock.

McElhanney’s scope of work included:

  • Site safety inspection immediately following the flood event and provide recommendations to make safe the site to the general public
  • Provided site survey and Environmental Impact Assessment of site for removal of washed away superstructure and construction of the replacement structure
  • Conceptual and detailed design of temporary Acrow detour bridge abutments and replacement bridge.
  • Preparation of tender documents and engineering services during construction.
San Jose River Bridge
San Jose River Bridge