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Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities

Experience McElhanney's 3D laser scanning services

3D laser scanning allows for much faster data acquisition, up to 10 times faster than traditional surveying methods. What used to be an obstacle is now an opportunity for greater collaboration; the result of 3D laser scanning is that everyone working on the project gains a far better and richer understanding of the site. 

Read more about McElhanney’s 3D laser scanning services below and contact us to discuss your project.

What is 3D laser scanning?

Capturing comprehensive data – quickly and efficiently.

When placed at a location, our 3D laser scanners collect millions of measurements per second. These measurements are used to generate a point cloud. This point cloud can then be transformed into a digital 3D model, which user groups can navigate through to find detailed information for building information modelling (BIM), floor plans, and precise measurements. This information is highly valuable for builders, engineers, and public engagement groups.

3D laser scanner

Common applications of 3D laser scanning data

3D modelling

Extraction of a 3D model for architectural presentation and BIM

A highly detailed scan allows for the tracing and recreation of an accurate 3D model inside systems like Autodesk Revit®, for a multitude of purposes, including as built representations, building upgrades, visualization, and BIM. This model can then be exported to a range of other packages to suit project needs.

Legal survey image

Lease surveys

Accurate extraction of demising walls and areas for certification purposes

The final as-built model can be used to generate detailed floor plans for leasing purposes and area calculations. The quick turn-around and precision of our scans allows for fast certification and identification of delimiting elements, such as demising walls and structural upgrades that must be accounted for while determining rental and common areas in commercial buildings.

Virtual reality space

Augmented & virtual reality

Add augmented or virtual reality to your public consultation or partnership meeting

Data collected from a 3D laser scan provides a highly accurate framework on which an augmented or virtual reality (AR / VR) environment can be built upon. AR / VR demonstrations are highly effective for project collaboration, and widely used tools in community planning and major infrastructure projects. As more organizations shift to digital consultation meetings, AR / VR is becoming an increasingly popular tool in the collaboration and consultation process.

Take control of your data

Although McElhanney is equipped to gather, process, and model laser scanning data on our clients’ behalf, we know some clients prefer to manage their own raw data. McElhanney is a value-added reseller of LFM (Light Form Modeler) 3D laser scanning software. If your organization prefers to integrate your scan data into your projects directly, we will set you up with LFM software and introduce you to efficient data integration workflows.

Success stories

McElhanney performs 3D laser scans for clients across Canada. Want to learn more? Review our case studies below:

Metro Vancouver Regional Park

Metro Vancouver Regional Parks

McElhanney designed and implemented a mobile field program and desktop conversion of various data sources to update Metro Vancouver Regional District’s spatial database of all assets owned and maintained by…

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Aerial view of Riverside Townhomes

Riverside Townhomes

This 35-unit luxury townhouse development involved design of onsite and offsite roads, underground utilities, grading, storm drainage, cost estimating, and construction inspections and administration.

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Coquitlam Intake Tower - augmented reality renderings

Coquitlam Intake Tower

The survey work for the intake tower included GPS, 3D laser scanning, UAV, and multi-beam bathymetry. The team used GPS to establish primary control from which to base the survey,…

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Waterfrton Centre Virtual Reality Walkthrough

Waterfront Centre

This Virtual Reality experience shows the potential of this technology and its benefits for project proposals, public forums, marketing, stakeholder engagement, and more. Laser scanned data, CAD models, and 3D…

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Simon Fraser University Scan to BIM

Simon Fraser University Scan to BIM

Burnaby, BC – McElhanney conducted several laser scan surveys at SFU to assist with a variety of renovation and upgrade projects. Our team of modelling technicians converted the resulting point…

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Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project

Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project

The Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project (PRGTP) is a proposed 900 kilometre natural gas pipeline running from Hudson’s Hope to Lelu Island on the BCs North Coast. This project involved…

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Ironwood & Coppersmith Plazas

Ironwood & Coppersmith Plazas

Richmond, BC – The Ironwood and Coppersmith shopping plazas are located in Richmond, BC. McElhanney was hired by Westbank to provide 3D building models for architectural design and site plans…

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