McElhanney’s Response to COVID-19

Dear McElhanney clients,

I am reaching out to you to share McElhanney’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This situation is ever evolving and requires quick action, confidence, and care so we can get through this together and do our part to control the spread of this virus in the shortest time possible.

We have two priorities at hand – safety and continuation of service. Here is a summary of what is happening now:

  • Dedicated Team & Intranet Site: A McElhanney Response Taskforce is in action. Comprised of Executives and Human Resources, Health & Safety, Business Information Technology (or “IT”), and Communications Leads, we are meeting daily to implement activities to protect our staff, clients, and community, and adapt our systems and services to the evolving situation. We have a mobile-friendly intranet dedicated to frequently sharing reliable COVID-19 related resources and updates with staff. We also have a central email address for all staff to send any COVID-19 related questions.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: We are monitoring trusted sites (World Health Organization, Health Canada, and Centre of Disease Control, among others) throughout the day to follow and share their recommendations with staff. We are building a data information site to monitor local outbreaks so we can act quickly, using evidence-based, informed decisions.
  • Travel: No staff are travelling internationally for business (this includes between Canada & the US). Anyone returning from international travel (business or personal) or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms (regardless of travel or not) are following the 14-day self-quarantine procedures dictated by Health Canada. Staff cannot travel within Canada (or in the US for our US-based operation) unless it is for very urgent business only. We apologize if these travel restrictions have caused meetings to be postponed or cancelled, but we are confident our teams have the tools to continue working with you via teleconference and video platforms (e.g., Skype, Teams, Zoom, or your preferred provider).
  • Preventative Measures: Staff must follow COVID-19 hygiene best practices regardless if they are working in the office or in the field with you. This includes thorough hand washing and sanitizing, social distancing (no handshakes), and staying home when there is any sign of illness. Offices and vehicles are sanitized in addition to regular cleaning. On project sites including site camps, we will meet additional requirements that you may have to ensure the health and safety of all project personnel. McElhanney attendance at any external industry event or conference (local or international) is cancelled. An occupational health nurse is available for all staff starting this week.
  • Remote work: A remote work program is in full swing. Many staff are already working remotely. Others are being equipped and trained to work from home. For now, offices are still in operation, but we are transitioning this week to full, company-wide remote access, adjusting daily depending on public health announcements and local situations. All McElhanney meetings are now to be completed via teleconference and video platforms (e.g., Skype, Teams, Zoom), and we are limiting client interaction where appropriate. Group gatherings are currently limited to 25 persons, but this will likely be reduced over the next couple of days. We are monitoring this closely.

McElhanney celebrated its 110th birthday this year. We have weathered many economic storms and major events. This pandemic is unprecedented for sure, but we are confident we have the systems in place to see these challenges through and continue serving you.

Your McElhanney contact will provide you with additional pertinent updates as they arise. Please get in touch with him or her to discuss any concerns.


Allan Russell, CEO & President,
McElhanney Ltd.

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