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Lobelia Subdivision and Lobelia Drive Upgrades

202-22 | Osoyoos, BC

The Lobelia Subdivision and Lobelia Drive Upgrades marked the conversion of a 3.24-acre family fruit farm, operational since the 1970s, into a thriving 15-lot single-family home community. In the spring of 2018, the Mackay family, who had recently inherited the family farm, faced the dilemma of what to do with the land with fruit trees that no longer yielded marketable produce. Encouraged by our team, the MacKays decided to realize their vision of transforming the land into a 15-lot subdivision, each featuring single-family homes.

McElhanney not only provided services to meet the MacKay family’s initial goals but also facilitated several additional benefits upon completion of the project. Notably, the introduction of a new sidewalk and street lighting enhanced safety within the neighborhood. Furthermore, the McElhanney team implemented various features aimed at preserving a pond on their property and its ecosystem, safeguarding the habitat for the wildlife.

The MacKays shared, “We are so grateful for the guidance and support we received from the McElhanney team members who were instrumental to move our Legacy Subdivision Project ahead from a dream to reality. McElhanney has built years of professional relationships with numerous contacts who were instrumental to move this project forward. From Town of Osoyoos council and department employees, to environmental impact reports, geotechnical reports, engineering drawings, providing progress reports, and resolving any construction-related issues during the construction phase, McElhanney was a constant to keep all the pieces together and moving forward.”

As a team, McElhanney:

  • Developed land use concept plans for the 3.24-acre property through various real estate market cycles.
  • Successfully managed an Agricultural Land Reserve Exclusion application and rezoning, resulting in the property’s exclusion and approval for small lot residential use.
  • Created detailed design drawings for the subdivision and Lobelia Drive upgrades including road and utility alignments, road grading, utility profiles, and stormwater management for submission and approval by the Town of Osoyoos.
  • Oversaw the tender process and MMCD contract administration.
  • Coordinated pre-construction and construction meetings.
  • Managed project administration tasks, including site meeting attendance, construction schedule monitoring, and coordination of shallow utilities.
  • Coordinated field review for low-pressure sanitary test inspection, sanitary and storm CCTV video inspection, water main flushing, pressure / leakage testing, disinfection, and bacterial testing.
  • Provided inspection reports ensuring design conformance and maintained post-construction records.