McElhanney hosts panel about challenges that exist for women doing field work

WCE Event panel

On May 7th, 2019, McElhanney co-hosted a panel discussion with Women in Consulting Engineering (WCE) Vancouver entitled, “The Dirt on Field Work.” The panel included our very own Patty Burt, RPBio, PBiol, and Scott Hansson, AScT, discussing challenges that exist for females on site and how we can encourage change in the future.

The conversation was very engaging, with approximately 70 attendees supplementing the panel’s insights with their experiences and ideas on how to approach awkward situations. Some of the key takeaways from the event included:

  • Everyone can influence how people are treated on site. Speak up if you see something unfair or uncomfortable happening as others are likely thinking the same thing you are.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover. Give equal opportunity for all team members to undertake site work; give those who may not look like “site people” the chance to prove you wrong.
  • Know when to say “no” to unsafe procedures. Trust your judgement and do not feel pressured to undertake unsafe work on site.

WCE Vancouver is a network of female engineers and allies championing women in consulting engineering. McElhanney is excited to support this group as it grows.

McElhanney has its own Women at McElhanney group that focuses on career development by providing training, outreach, and networking opportunities for our female professionals.

WCE Event Selina Wilson

McElhanney’s Selena Wilson welcomed the approximately 70 guests and introduced the panel.

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