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Our COVID-19 Response

As always, keeping our employees, clients, partners, and communities safe is our core value and overriding priority.

In March 2020, we formed the McElhanney Response Team, dedicated to continuously improving our response to COVID-19. The team monitors, and appropriately responds to, new and changing government mandates and guidance, public health orders, as well as occupational health and safety requirements.

Some of our health and safety measures implemented through our Pandemic Plan, Return to Office Plan, and Safe Work Method include:

  • Mandatory daily health checks completed by all staff.
  • Physical distancing and safe hand hygiene requirements.
  • Mandatory use of non-medical face masks on projects when physical distancing is not possible, and at all McElhanney offices when not working at a physically distanced or protected desk.
  • Encouraging our office-based staff to work remotely from home, as much as possible.
  • Reducing office density by setting maximum office occupancy limits across all offices.
  • Continuing to encourage hosting virtual or outdoor meetings and only proceeding with indoor meetings in well-structured safety-compliant environments, as we have been doing so far.
  • Only traveling when it is deemed essential to provide our services.
McElhanney home office

In these challenging times McElhanney has also focused on the importance of mental health

All employees and their immediate family members have access to self-help resources, and assistance for mental health and wellbeing counselling through our regular employee support programs.

As we navigate the COVID-19 crisis, we will continue to be guided by our Core Values – care, grit, safety, respect, and accountability.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your McElhanney contacts should you have any questions or require support; or contact .

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