McElhanney Land Surveys Ltd. Announces Name Change

Name Change

McElhanney Land Surveys Ltd. (one of two McElhanney operating companies), the industry-leading provider of surveying, mapping and GIS services in Canada, announced today that it has undergone a name change to McElhanney Geomatics Engineering Ltd. The change reflects the company’s corporate evolution in its service offerings and the expertise of its staff related to Geomatics and Engineering.

“Our new name, McElhanney Geomatics Engineering Ltd. better reflects where our company is going and the new services we’ve begun to offer,” said Bruce Winton, McElhanney Geomatics Engineering’s President. “By not limiting ourselves to our traditional regulatory offerings, we can help solve our client’s complex problems as subject matter experts.”

McElhanney Geomatics Engineering Ltd.’s Vice President, Walter Johnson, said “As an ever-changing company, we’ve altered our perspective in the past to keep McElhanney moving forward. With this adjustment, we’ve given ourselves a much broader space to operate in and the opportunity to add a lot more value to our relationships with clients.”

Over the long-term, McElhanney will continue to grow its traditional surveying services and look to accelerate the development of its Geomatics Engineering offerings. With an established group of over 20 Professional Engineers on the team, McElhanney is ready to take on new opportunities immediately.

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